Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Katiedid come back. For a minute. And for mini-Martin part 2.

We are still around and smiling!
Well, some of us more than others. 
Emme Kate is the sweetest big sister-to-be!

She is now nineteen months old and every bit of the word awesome. 
We have been laughing and loving our time together these past few months as a family of three...
And in less than seven short weeks there will be another sister or brother for Miss Emme!
 Another precious face and personality to love!
I sure hope my heart can handle it. 
We have been moving, going and GROWING nonstop since I've been away. 
I hope to update you {and this little blog} on a few of our favorite summer happenings. 
 But, family and time with these two {for now} always comes first. 
Meanwhile, we will be anticipating and awaiting the arrival of you...
mini-Martin part 2!
{Thank you, Jacqueline Mclaine Photography, for these priceless pictures!}

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Katiedid have her second dream come true.

My best friend is marrying my husband's best friend!
I couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect "happily ever after" for the four of us. 
The past. 
Best friends since age 5. 
We grew up on the same street, 7 houses down from each other. 
That's fate for you!
Freshman roommates. 
One of my maid of honors. 
 One of Matt's best men. 
The amazing Auntie Alli. 
The beginning of the future. 
We had the best time celebrating their engagement in February!
I'm so honored to be her Matron of Honor in September. 
Dress shopping success!
Even more double dates and girls only dinners to come! 
We are looking forward to many more memorable vacations away together!
And I can't forget pool days surrounded with kiddos. 
Today my Mom and I are happily hosting Alli's first bridal shower!
I'm still in disbelief over God's perfect plan for our lives.
I am also thankful beyond words for His perfect timing and for bringing us back together to start this amazing new chapter in our friendship. 
Cheers to second dreams coming true!