Saturday, January 21, 2012

Katiedid bare the belly. {5}

Oh me, Oh my!
Time is flying by!
{I think that will be the theme for all of 2012.}

Since my last post, I have traveled to Dallas and been a 31 week pregnant bridesmaid.
{A post on all that love is coming next!}
Traveled to Galveston for 2 overnight stays to do clinical rotations with a Family Nurse Practitioner in the University of Texas Medical Branch Emergency Room. 
{Which has been the best experience! I love every second!}
I have been working 40+ hour clinic weeks just so mini-Martin can have a school free Momma once he/she is born. 
{Anything for the sweet baby!}
And we managed to squeeze in a maternity photo session with our favorite photographer Lindsay last Wednesday. 
{So, busy has been both my first and last name!}

Despite all the hustle and bustle I have tried my best to sneak in weekly pictures of my totally huge growing baby belly. 

Week 29. 
{Little Grace is still trying to figure out what the heck is going on with her Momma!}
No bare belly. Oops!
 Week 30. 
Week 25 vs Week 30. 
Week 31. 

Week 32. 
 And here is a candid shot...
Because not every picture is perfect {and a little prepping is always involved}!
Mini-Martin at 30 weeks, 6 days. 
{He/she is laying sideways looking at you. A hand is by its face.}
Mini-Martin at 33 weeks, 1 day. 
Side-lying face picture on top. 
{From left to right: forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and two hands.}
Foot picture on bottom. 
 My view. 
{Can't wait to meet our little love bug!}
 We have our first mini-Martin shower today!
{My MIL's sweet friends and family are hosting it.}
I was lying in bed this morning and thinking, "I am really going to MY baby shower today!"
It's quite surreal. 
I am going to do my best to "keep it together."
Just about anything "baby" makes me cry BIG fat tears. 

My hands are prepped, pretty, and ready to go!
{Left for Miss Emme Kate. Right for Mr. Gavin Matthew.}

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Katiedid start 2012.

The year that I become a Mommy is finally here!
{Like all girls, I have dreamed about this year for as long as I can remember.} 
And 2012 started in a true "Mommy-style" fashion. 

I signed up to work New Years weekend because a pregnant girl has no reason to partake in an alcohol infused celebration. 
Honestly, I have worked every NYE/New Year's Day because I think it is the lamest holiday of them all. 
NYE is just another reason to drink/party and I can create "resolutions" on any day of the year. 
Just to say I did "something" for NYE, I usually do buy a cute party outfit, throw on my sparkly wedding shoes,  quickly celebrate with friends, then head home right after midnight because of work early the next day. 

Just for the record, here are a few of our past married NYE pics. 
 And this was our NYE this year!
After working all day, I came home and found these little pink and blue cuties. 
Jesus sure did love us in 2011!
And we can not wait to find out if our little blessing from above will be "pink or blue" in 2012!! 
MM made me a yummy dinner. 
 And I made our favorite salad. 
 Smiles for 2012. 
After dinner I showered and headed to bed. 
MM kept me company until about 1030 and then headed out to a friends house close by. 
He did make a quick trip home just after midnight to give us our first kiss of 2012...
And then headed to another friends house just down the street. 

Hope you all have had a blessed start to 2012!