Monday, February 27, 2012

Katiedid maternity photos.

The photos were taken by the incredibly talented Lindsay Elizabeth when I was 33 weeks pregnant. 
{I can not thank her enough for capturing this special stage in our lives!}
The slideshow was made by ME using iMovie.
I am pretty excited about my new skills!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Katiedid bare the belly. {7}

Oh my goodness, I am having a baby in a matter of days!
{Insert every emotion possible!}
Time is truly flying by. 
Will one ever feel prepared?!
I have been doing a million things each day just to ease my pre-baby anxiety. 
Keep reading and you will understand...

The bare belly. 
36 weeks. 
37 weeks. 
I skimmed through my previous bare belly posts earlier today and I am completely amazed at the extensive changes that have occurred in the past 9 months. 
Click on the links below to watch mini-Martin grow!

Mini-martin Update. 
We had our 38 week OB appointment yesterday. 
Mini-Martin is weighing in at exactly 7lbs and is still in the exiting/head down position. 
Momma is 1.5 cm dialated and 40% effaced. 
And my doctor is expecting a delivery sometime next week!
Holy moly. 
I may or may not have had a brief Mommy-to-be meltdown afterwards at lunch with Auntie Holly. 
Here we are looking plump and about ready to pop at our appointment. 
I think I was having contractions from about 3-4:00 this morning.
I woke up to a tight belly combined with a tad bit of pain.
Must have been?!
I am a newbie at this baby thing and I {personally} have no idea what to expect/feel/watch for. 
As a Nurse Practitioner in 2 months I SHOULD know this. 
But, when it's you and what you are feeling...
You forget or second guess everything you thought you knew. 

My back pain improves when I am "resting."
My foot swelling decreases when I elevate them. 
But, the sleeping sucks more and more each day. 
Enough complaining.
I am okay, managing relatively well, and still smiling!

The baby prep.
The BOB arrived a few days ago. 
Now it and the Bugaboo are ready for takeoff!
We have been assembling things out the wazoo!
I honestly believe the instruction writers make it their objective to make you feel as if you will completely FAIL as a parent. 
The instructions absolutely make no sense and every part resembles another one. 
So, if you can't put a bouncer/stroller/pack and play together...
How in the world are you supposed to care for the kid that will be using them?!
And kids don't come with instructions. 
We are doomed. 
{But, I guess we will give it our best shot!}
Daddy-to-be success!
I have packed bags and made last minute "don't forget" lists for myself, mini, and Grace. 
Big boy MM said he has his under control. 
I also whipped up these thank you hospital treats for staff/family/friends. 
As a nurse, I know how precious snacks are throughout the day. 
Another HUGE task was figuring out how to transfer videos from our camcorder to our computer. 
I gave MM the camcorder on our wedding day {2.5 years ago!} so we could videotape our  honeymoon and other fun married events afterwards. 
We have 3+ hours of footage and I have been having nightmares for months that something would get deleted or not recorded on delivery day. 
So, last night I sat down, connected the camcorder to our Mac, and magic happened!
All the video's seamlessly transferred into iMovie and were even categorized by the day. 
This morning I played with iMovie and created this little honeymoon montage.
It is complete with a title, music, and a few of my favorite photo's at the end. 
I am pretty impressed with my new found skills and my first homemade movie!
Also, I am thinking I need to bring the video to the hospital with me...
Bora Bora and Moorea are the most relaxing places on earth!
See for yourself...
{Please disregard my silly self and our shaky camera skills!}

Currently, this Momma-to-be is manicured, freshly highlighted, and ready to go!
The Daddy-to-be is {and will be for the next 4 days} running around the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ Cookoff entertaining clients and having free food and beverage fun with friends...
Jealous is an understatement. 
We look forward to this weekend ALL YEAR LONG.
And to make matters worse, I just received this text from my cousin-in-law. 

Anyway, hubby is on high alert and watching his phone constantly.
I, on the other hand, will remain at home BBQ-ing the little cowboy or cowgirl in my belly. 
On the upside, we will have a cute little tot to tote around next year!

That does it for today. 
Big bare belly hugs to you all!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Katiedid help shower MM.

MM started working with his current employer just after we got married about 2 years ago. 
This company is owned by the father of one of our very close friends {Alan}.
MM absolutely loves his job and I personally think they all have way too much fun at work!
Gabby {quite possibly the sweetest girl ever} arranged and coordinated this surprise shower.
It was super cute to see MM in Daddy-to-be mode!

Before the surprise.
 Glamma and Papa couldn't miss the surprise either!
 Amanda and Cesar {Alan's dad}. 
 The surprise.
 All smiles. 
Cake and gifts. 
Alan and Jeffrey. 
These three together are nothing but trouble. 
Group shots. 
The boys. 
 The girls. 
 Grammy and Auntie Amanda. 
It was such a special afternoon and MM got some great baby goodies.
Thanks again Gabby and everyone!

Now, for this Momma's issues that I mentioned in the last post. 
Last Friday I woke up to horrible low back/left butt cheek pain. 
So severe I could hardly walk. 
I did manage to limp my way through clinic and then came home and crawled into bed. 
Saturday there was minor improvement because I tried my hardest to "rest."
Sunday I thought I felt good enough for one last afternoon shopping trip.
{Huge mistake.}
Monday was another brutal clinic day. 
So, for the past 2 days I have been mostly hanging at home and hobbling to and from places close by. 

The verdict:
I think I pulled a muscle rolling over in my sleep. 
{A BIG belly + a toss and turner= serious issues!}
I am confident a glass of wine and/or a muscle relaxer would fix me right up. 
But, that is not gonna happen any time soon. 

We did have our 38 week OB appointment today. 
I'm happy to report that there has been SIGNIFICANT progress!
More on that and a bare belly post are in the works for tomorrow. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Katie{and mini}did get showered with love. {2}

A few weeks ago my amazing Mom {Glamma} and sister {Auntie Holly}, Mary {my Mom's BFF} and her daughter {Rachel}, and my sweet Aunt's gave mini-Martin and I a precious shower. 

We felt SO loved all afternoon!
Many of my friends from out of town and previous coworkers made a special trip just to come. 

Every detail was perfect. 
It was mostly a little bird theme {very fitting for mini-Martin} with tons of pink and blue touches. 
Upon arrival, everyone had to pick team pink or team blue stickers.
It was super fun to find out everyone's predictions!

Detail pictures.
 Family love. 
My Dad {Papa} had to drop off a few last minute items before everyone arrived, so we snapped a few family pictures. 
The little yellow corsage I am wearing is the same one my Mom wore at MY baby shower. 
Fantastic friends. 
Sweet Julie {Mrs. Kern}. 
 Miss Rachel {gorgeous hostess}.
 Alli {my BFF} and Mrs. Raley. 
 Jenna and Stacy {ER nurses.}
 Julie and Kristin. 
All of the ER nurses {minus Auntie Holly.}
The Odom girls and Julie. 
Gladys and Jenn. 
 Hanging out. 
Auntie Holly and Mr. Alexander. 
Gigi, Le'Ann, Lindsey, Aunt Peggy. 
Kelly, Chelsea, Alexa, Aunt JoAnn. 
 Nancy and Aunt Amanda. 

 Ms. Bernie, Ms. Gloria, and Ms. Mary {fabulous hostess}.
 Fun and games. 
Everyone had to cut a piece of string that would perfectly fit around my belly. 
 Godmother Michelle, Aunt Donna, Aunt Karen. 
{More sweet hostesses!}
Julie won!
And I'm happy to report her string was the smallest one. 
Generous gifts. 
We love Glamma to the moon and back!
 The Daddy-to-be made a special appearance again. 
 Glamma got her very own bag from Gigi!
And finally, more of my favorites. 
{I'm sure you recognize these pretty faces by now.}
I am SO happy HE is all MINE. 
And I can not wait to meet OUR mini. 
Special shout-out's. 
1. Thanks again to ALL of the awesome hostesses:
Glamma, Auntie Holly, Mary, Rachel, Aunt Donna, Aunt Alexis, Aunt JoAnn, Aunt Nancy, Michelle, and Aunt Karen. 
Please forgive my pregnant brain for not remembering to give you the thank you gifts AND for not taking a big group picture. 
{I still have the gifts for you!}
2. Thanks Auntie Holly for being the head photographer once again!
{I owe you big time!}
3. Thanks to all the sweet little ladies who attended. 
Mini and I feel abundantly blessed and truly love each and every single one of you to pieces!

Hot hubby's co-workers gave him a fantastic surprise shower last week. That's on the blog next!
You may get 2 new blog posts in one day because I am resting and hobbling around at home today.
The reason?
That will be next too.