Monday, July 25, 2011

Katiedid lake it up.

A few weekends ago we headed up to Lake Travis to celebrate one of my FAVORITE aunt's 
twenty-ninth birthday!
{Love you Aunt Donna. You can thank me later for not spilling the age secret!}
Isn't she precious sporting that hilarious button?!

We stayed in a beautiful new condo with stunning views of the lake. 

This face makes any view even better too!

We spent most of the day hanging out with the family on the boat dock. 

And then geared up for a little wave runner play time.

Here is a picture of the Netzel brothers and sisters. 
(minus 2)

That evening we headed over to one of the rental houses for a celebratory birthday dinner.
Prepare for family photo overload...
First the Martins.

Then Momma and Daddy. 
The picture on the left captures my Dad's personality PERFECTLY. 
He is such a nut.  

My sweet family.

Auntie Jo and Matt.

Grz. girls.
Take 1.

Take 2 and take 3.
Hey, we are not perfect.

Sissy showing some love.

I am obsessed with his total cuteness from all angles.

Such a fun cake!

Fabulous family.


The whole gang!

All the sisters.

And their matching sister bracelets.

And no party is complete without a little prank!
I am pretty sure his sister uploaded these pics to Facebook.

Have a fantastic week lovies.
And live it up!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Katiedid join a team.

We always LOVE celebrating this great country!
And one of our favorite friends just happens to host a super fun 4th of July party every year. 

Team USA/Matching Martin's.
MM was in Denver the week before the 4th.
 And as mentioned previously, when the boy is away he must return bearing gifts!
These were the super stylish presents he returned with. Ha.

And here is Team Matching Martin's sporting our T's throughout the party!

Team Beer Pong.
No 4th of July is complete without some all American drinking games!

Team Flip Cup.
It was our first time to ever really play in a "tournament."
We had some pretty good flippin' skills!
And had a BLAST.

Team I Love My Family. 
It was my Mom's first time to venture out of the house in about a month.
Doesn't she look fantastic?!

Love my sister-in-law, Miss Amanda, in the middle. 

How sweet is MM with his Goddaughter Lexi?
I dream of the day we have our own.

I am off to take a pretty big test this afternoon...
I sure would be overjoyed to be on the A Team. 
Fingers crossed, prayers sent up!