Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Katiedid come back. For a minute. And for mini-Martin part 2.

We are still around and smiling!
Well, some of us more than others. 
Emme Kate is the sweetest big sister-to-be!

She is now nineteen months old and every bit of the word awesome. 
We have been laughing and loving our time together these past few months as a family of three...
And in less than seven short weeks there will be another sister or brother for Miss Emme!
 Another precious face and personality to love!
I sure hope my heart can handle it. 
We have been moving, going and GROWING nonstop since I've been away. 
I hope to update you {and this little blog} on a few of our favorite summer happenings. 
 But, family and time with these two {for now} always comes first. 
Meanwhile, we will be anticipating and awaiting the arrival of you...
mini-Martin part 2!
{Thank you, Jacqueline Mclaine Photography, for these priceless pictures!}