Monday, September 26, 2011

Katiedid bare the belly. {2}

And mix in a little mini-Martin update. 

This morning we had another perfect OB appointment. 
While we did not get to see our little love bug, we did confirm the due date!
March 7th is the blessed day!
This means I will be 17 weeks on Wednesday. 
It also explains why my little "bump" is quickly transitioning in to more of a "hill."
Here are a few bare baby belly pictures to prove it. 

Week 15. 

Week 16. 

And bumpin' at the gym yesterday!
My lovely little sister {and quite possibly the most excited auntie-to-be EVER} demands belly pictures every couple of days. 
We all are so in love with the itty bitty baby hiding inside!

Lastly, thanks SO much for all the belly love on my last post! 
Your compliments and reassurance when things are not fitting and zipping properly is priceless.

I am planning on taking a baby break from all the pregnancy posts...
And can't wait to finally share our glorious Wisconsin trip with you all!


Stephanie Garee said...

Love all the pics! And there is no shame in having your pants a little too tight or any of that- you've got a baby on board sister!!! And you look gorgeous, just as gorgeous as ever. Love you!

♥ H ♥ said...

Yes, I blog ;) Secretly tho. Because of my profession I don't want to post pictures or really say any full names for fear of someone finding it. Wish I could, but for the best I stay as "private" as possible. You're little "hill" is way too cute! -XOXO

cristin steger said...

so cute katie!

Big K Fam said...

March 7th is a GREAT due date! {it's my bday ;-) }