Monday, September 19, 2011

Katiedid grow a mini-Martin. {1}

My apologies for being gone SO stinkin' long!
I really didn't think anyone would even notice. 
But, I have been getting a lot of "Where have you been?" and "No blog updates?!" statements from friends and family recently.
{I am so tickled a small few of you miss my little life updates!}
The truth is I have been BUSY and I have a baby growing {or incubating as MM would say} 
in my ever expanding belly. 
And that makes a newly pregnant girl tired, tired, tired. 
Also, the hundreds of potential blog posts I need to get on top of straight-up overwhelm me. 

I am going to try my hardest to get back in my posting routine!
And I am going to start today with the first pictures of the newest little love of my life!
Seriously, I find myself staring at these sweet ultrasounds in pure amazement multiple times each day.
The incredible transformation and growth that has occurred leaves me speechless. 

{4 weeks, 6 days}
Just a little black blob/yolk sac. 

{6 weeks, 5 days}
Our little embryo. 

The proud daddy-to-be busted out his iPhone and recorded a few priceless videos!

The most loved heartbeat ever!

{13 weeks, 6 days}
I did my OB clinical rotation last spring with my incredible {now} doctor. 
She refers ALL of her patients to the innovative Center for Medical Genetics for an Ultra-Screen and Jack and Jill gender testing. 
We opted out of the Jack and Jill testing, but took full advantage of the genetic testing!
You bet this Nurse and Nurse Practitioner momma-to-be needed a little early reassurance mini-Martin was a-ok!

The Martin's!

And our now sweet baby!
{Or technically a fetus. I'm totally not a fan of that weird word.}
But isn't that transformation utterly a-mazing?!

1 head, 1 mouth, 1 nose, 1 body, 2 hands, and 2 feet.
{I tried my hardest to count fingers and toes, but someone wasn't being so still.}

After a long week and calling multiple times each day we found out our near perfect results!
Mini-Martin has a 1 in 10,000 chance of having Down syndrome or Trisomy 18. 
I think {based on age and race} before the tests the chances were 1 in 1000ish for both disorders. 
We are so blessed!
To me, the gender is completely irrelevant. 
All I pray for is a healthy, happy baby!

If you listen closely in the mini-Martin embryo video my doctor is measuring the our little embryo. 
As previously mentioned, I have a history of irregular cycles. 
Therefore, my LMP is completely irrelevant when trying to establish an accurate due date. 
According to my LMP, I should be due March 1st. 
{Which happens my sweet sisters birthday! She would be tickled if that was the actual BIRTHday.}
But, each ultrasound brings about a new due date!
They have been anywhere from March 7th {after this ultrasound} to March 18th. 
I am headed back to my doctor next week and hopefully we can establish a definitive due date!

Next up...
A bare belly baby bump post!
{This incredible transformation has had a small significant impact on my waistline.}

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