Friday, January 25, 2013

Katiedid + Emmedid Christmas 2012. {The parties}

Hi there!
We are back from our month long blogging hiatus. Our Christmas was magical, our New Years was memorable and 2013 has already proved it's going to packed full of all sorts of fun! Because I am SO far behind, I am going to just throw some unorganized posts at you. I mean, my house is unorganized, my days are unorganized and my blog is just going to follow suit for now. 
Here we go!

Christmas party fun!
{The First Annual PASI Family Party}
A pre-party selfie.
PASI brothers and sisters. 
This one is #awesome!
Mama's and babies. 
Lovin' on baby Ava. 
The Martin's adopted baby Ava!
 Ems isn't so sure about our decision. 
Back to just us three. 
The Vasquez's. 
PASI family!
LCR with my girl. 
The funniest group of co-workers you will ever meet. 
{PASI Christmas party}
{Looking at Christmas lights party with the kids party}
{Two party pic's with my two bestie's}
{And lastly, two pictures with the favorite men in my life} 
These are not at parties but they are definitely blog worthy!
And lookie there, can you tell I like blue and white polka dots paired with red?
 Nice look you got there, Kate. 

Happy Friday! 
The Emsie is up which means my computer time for the day is coming to a close.
I have a few more BACHELORETTE PARTY goodies to coordinate for tonight. 
Yep, my sister is getting married!
Soon. Like way soon!
I am over the moon happy for these two!

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Big K Fam said...

such a cute family! do I have permission to copy your style?? I LOVE the blue polkadots with always look so cute!!!