Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Katiedid + Emmedid Christmas 2012. {Christmas Eve}

      Even though Christmas Eve is technically a part of Christmas, I love the day so much I almost consider it its own holiday! I love the laid back morning, easy early afternoon, late afternoon Mass and an evening full of family and great food. Having Emme with us this year made it my favorite Christmas Eve yet!

Pre-Mass pictures.
I teared up all throughout Mass while holding Emme and thinking about the magical birth of baby Jesus. We are so blessed!

Christmas Eve Dinner. 
Every year my Mom's side of the family gets together at my Aunt Donna's. We have the most delicious dinner and enjoy spending quality time with everyone!
 Emme and Natalie had the best time together! 
I couldn't figure out who loved who more?!
And Grace is never too far way from her sissy. 
 The back of Em's dress... SO ADORABLE, right?!
 Clapping away. 

 Christmas Prep. 
One more stocking this year!
Explaining everything to little Emme. 
 Bedtime book. 
Sweet baby knows who Santa is. 
 I could eat up this smile!
 After Emme went to sleep, it was work time!
 Glamma and Papa's present. 
 How many guys does it take to hang a swing?
Believe it or not, it was the hardest present to put together!
Watching the show. 
 Just a little high {ha!}, but success!
 Adult gift time!
 It was a photo canvas Christmas!
 And Mom and Dad get a night away!
 Santa was hard at work until 4 am!
Christmas morning is coming to you in a few!
{hours, days, weeks... We shall see!}

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