Friday, April 26, 2013

Emmedid turn THIRTEEN months.

These months just keep going by faster and faster!
I believe it's because you are so much fun these days.
And you keep me SO busy!
Which is yet another reason why I am 2.5 weeks behind on getting this post put together.

Thirteen month photo shoot. 
Hand proudly raised in all your THIRTEEN month glory.
Love it!

Emmedid grow. 
-While you are the busiest baby girl I know, you also happen to be the loviest, huggiest, kissiest girl I know too! You love on anyone and everyone. It's the sweetest thing. 
-You are also super friendly and give the cheeziest smiles to strangers. 
-You are an expert walker now! And you have even advanced to doing this little wobbly trot/slow run. It's so stinkin' cute!
-Trotting around the kitchen and living room playing "boo" is your most favorite inside activity. 
-You still wear size 3 diapers, are wearing all 12 month clothes now and have moved up to size 4 shoes. Speaking of shoes, you are obsessed with them. No joke! You know exactly where I put them in your closet and you bring me different pairs to put on you throughout the day. 
-Your favorite foods are... Truthfully, you have been such a picky eater this month so I am going to do my best with this one because they vary from day to day. Your favorite foods are peas, broccoli, grapes {new this month!}, Mac and Cheese, yogurt melts, plain yogurt {No bananas mashed in this month! You would spit them out.}, pizza, chips, cake, CFA nuggets and McDonald's cheeseburgers. I'm not totally proud of the last 5 items, but you have to eat and you love them. So, you are a normal kid. Whatever. 
-You love your "baba." Yep, you still get 3 per day and ask for them with breakfast, in the afternoon and before bedtime. I've tried milk in a sippy, warm milk in a sippy, and both in different sippy's too. Doesn't work. I'm not ready for the fight that will happen when they have to go away for good. 
-You can say "Dada," "Mama," "hot," "coooool," "chip," "ace"/Grace, "ews"/shoes, "cake," "wawa"/water, "baaaa"/bath, "car," "hi" and "bye bye." You can also say "ah ah" like a dog, "meow" like a cat, "wack wack" like a duck and "rarrrrr" like a bear and lion. You are a pro at waving "hi/bye" and blowing kisses. You still tell Grace to "shhhhh" and say "YES" all the time. Complete with your arms in the air just like Dada does! This video is from one night during March Madness. 
-You are now sleeping through the night about 5/7 nights each week. I don't know what happens during the 2/7 you wake up. But, it's progress and I'll take it. 
-You take either 1 shorter morning nap and 1 shorter afternoon nap each day, or one longer afternoon nap. It just depends on our plans for the day and your temperament. 
-You love, love, love to be outside! And love to help Dada with his outdoor chores. 
-We play at the park almost every day! You love to swing on my lap and go down the slides. You have learned how to go up the stairs and slide down by yourself. Of course, I am always an arms distance away. 
-You have started to become a little more interested in TV. Like you will sit and watch for 3 minutes now instead of just 1. Did I mention you are a busy girl already? Ha. 
-Here is proof of just how busy you are. You get into every unlocked cabinet and drawer. But, sometimes you have the best time playing with what you find. Definitely a win/lose situation!
-You are the sassiest little sweetheart! 
-You and Gracie are still BFF's. Well, she doesn't have much of a choice most of the time. I know she loves you too!
-Tea parties with Papa are the best. 
-Glamma and Papa took you on your first Build a Bear date. 
-We celebrated St Patty's Day.
-We went to cousin Marshall's wedding in Galveston.
-We had a very blessed Easter.
-We went to cousin Melissa's wedding in Wimberley. 
-I still take millions of pictures of you! 
-And to only make matters worse, I took a photography class to learn how to take better pictures. This in turn means even MORE pictures of you. Here are a few of my favorite face shots. 
Those eyes! Amazingly blue and without any photo enhancement. 
And those bitty teeth! I love. 
Happy THIRTEEN months beautiful blue eyes!
We love you so!

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the tichenor family said...

Okay, that video is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! Love hearing her little giggle. She's a doll Katie, and clearly SO very loved!