Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Emmedid turn FOURTEEN + FIFTEEN months.

You, my precious little lady, are getting more and more adorable by the day. 
I have fallen even more in love with your sweet, loving and hilarious personality! 
You are an absolute joy to have in our lives. 

Fourteen month photo shoot.
As I just mentioned... You can be quite a little character at times! 
Here's what I almost POSITIVE you were thinking during this photo session...
"Lady, is the bow really necessary?"
"I mean, I'm ok with all the pictures... But, the bow? Really?"
 "Ok, I'll humor you... Here is ONE smile."
"See, that was it. ONE smile. Now take off the bow."
 "NO more, I said!"
"You gave me a baby wipe as a distraction! Ha. Nice try."
 "Here's ONE more smile for your efforts, but I haven't forgotten about the bow!"
"Enough already!"
"Mamaaaaaa! Please stop the torture!"
I'm still hoping, when you actually have enough hair to clip a bow in and can understand the purpose of a "pretty," the bow's will become a permanent fixture on top of your head once again!
For now, they aren't worth fighting over! 

Fifteen month photo shoot. 
Yes, one and only one iPhone picture. 
That's all you would allow this month. 
Luckily for both of us, the first one was a keeper!

Fifteen month appointment. 
You weighed 21 lbs 14 oz and were 30 in long. 
That's in the 30ish percentile for both.
Pretty petite little lady, you are!
You are NOT a fan of doctor visits and prefer to be on my lap and out of the doctors/nurses reach.  

Emmedid grow.
-You, my favorite little gal, are BUSY. Busy, busy, busy! During your waking hours you go/play nonstop. You are into anything and everything. You have mastered the kitchen and bathrooms and now know exactly which cabinets aren't baby-proofed. Those just happen to be your favorite places to play! You can destroy our entire house in less than 3 minutes, no joke! 
-You typically sleep soundly (only 1-2 mid-night wakeup's per week!) from 9pm-8am. We keep you up a little later now so you can play with Daddy more when he gets home and so you can sleep in a little later for me. 
-You sometimes take a short (45min-1 hour) morning nap if you are fussy and depending on our plans for the day. I am now preferring to keep you up until 130-2ish and have you take a long (2+) hour nap in the afternoon. 
-Your vocabulary has exploded these past 2 months! I made a list the other day and you know 30+ words. I adore hearing you talk and love that we can communicate so easily now! Your favorite words are "tank you/thank you," "ace/Grace," "ape/Grape," "no no," "shooz/shoes," "baaby/baby," "hot," "choo chooo," and "go." Here you are saying the infamous "noooooo..."
And "choo chooo."
-You love animals and know all the sounds they make. Pup-pup says "ah ah," cow says "mooooo," duck says "ack ack," kitty says "meowwwww," lambie says "baaaaaaa," and chicken says "back back." When you do the chicken noise you move your arms lick a chicken does. Beyond funny!
-You are such a little lover. You hug anyone and everyone! You especially love Grace and babies!
-You can be the friendliest little girl when you want to... Or the shyest little girl when you want to...
-You have become much more interested in food! This is such a relief for Mommy and I love knowing that your little body is filling up on yummy goodies. Your go-to favorites are yogurt, bananas, blueberries, cheese, waffles, sweet potatoes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips (sun chips, pita chips... we try to keep it "healthier"), rice and peas. I also give you 1-2 baby fruit and veggie packets a day. You suck them down! I was cleaning up the kitchen one day and I turned around and saw this... Our little chip monster!
-You always have a paci close by! And we often find them in the silliest places.  I am already dreading the day we have to say goodbye to them!
-You love music and start dancing anytime you hear it. Your favorite singer is "Pitbulllll!" You know his songs and say his name when you hear them. SO crazy!
-You are obsessed with glasses and always want to wear them!
-You always pick out your "shooz" and sometimes your outfit too!
-Walking Grace is one of your favorite things to do!
-Drinking out of my cup is too!
-We met and fed and baby duckies. 
-We enjoyed some rainy days. 
 -You had our very first snow cone. 
 -And "met" your future brother or sister for the first time!
-We explored Brazos Bend State Park. 
-You have mastered going down the slide all by yourself!
-We have tried putting bows in your hair again. They don't last long!
 -We enjoyed a staycation at Lakeway.
-Your shoe and accessory addiction continues. 
 -We played with friends on Cinco de Mayo.
-And had an accidental little fall into the pool... Yes, someone was ONE step behind you... But, the pool is now locked and secured from little ones. 
 -You took your first bath with a boy. It was good, clean fun!
 -We had lots of diaper only time outside. 
 -We tagged along with Daddy to a few work functions. 
 -And when we don't tag along, we still have our ice cream dates. 
 -You got all 4 of your molars. No fun!
 -We prepped for Mother's Day. 
 -We took you to your first Astros game. 
 -We made our surprise Mother's Day Announcement.
 -You rarely ever sit in shopping carts. But, this fancy one did the trick!
 -You constantly want to pull everything out of my wallet. And being the smartie you are, you always hold on to the cash!
 -We still jog up to the park and play a lot!
-You had your first swim lesson! It was tearful and traumatic, but we still go every Friday. 
 -You love Mimi. 
-Bath time is still one of your favorites. 
 -You had your first "school day" with Grammy and Aunt Tricia while I went to the doctor. 
 -We spend countless hours outside and in the pool. 
 -You got swimmers ear for the first time. No fun!
-We watched baby Landon one day and it's totally clear you are going to make one GREAT big sister. 

Moments like this absolutely make me melt!
We love you so much, growing girlie!
And the fact that I'm super behind on blogging only means that I would rather spend my time WITH you and not just writing about you!

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