Friday, July 8, 2011

Katiedid turn twenty-six.

BirthDAY's {as in the actual day!} have forever been a BIG deal in my celebration loving family.
Think birthDAY morning breakfast, lunch, a full day of shopping with the girls, followed by a 30 people deep dinner celebration.
This year I just was not feeling all the birthDAY hoopla and wanted something much more laid back.
Kinda convenient since my mom could not leave the house, my sister was sick, and everyone else was just busy.
I truly enjoyed MY quiet birthDAY all by myself.

All the real celebrating went down during the birthWEEKEND mini-trip we took to Dallas.
Want a peek of all the details from the birthDAY, birthWEEK, and birthWEEKEND?
Keep scrolling.

The birthDAY.
You may remember me mentioning accidentally stumbling across a present spoiling email here.
MM knew I saw it and immediately went into "the iPad2 is on backorder" mode.
I halfway believed him because my mom had to patiently wait weeks for hers to arrive.
I was not dissappointed at all, MM always comes up with something special for every occasion.

We always open presents with cake after dinner, so waking up to this was a total shocker.

Close your eyes, make a wish, follow the string, MELT my heart sweet hubby.

It arrived in time! And was accompanied with the most precious card ever.
{BirthDAY girl cries for the first time.}

And there was more hidden fun!

This facebook message was from my Mom.
Is she not darling?!
{BirthDAY girl cries for the second time.}

My nifty new present entertained me for most of the birthDAY morning.
Then off to the gym, with my brand spankin' new iPad2, I went.
Another year older on the elliptical machine!

Below are the text messages from my Hot Hubby/current stylist.
They crack me up.

This birthDAY girl had a lovely mani-pedi and went GREEN, just for her hubster!

First personal pics as a twenty-six year old lady.

MM wanted to take me somewhere new for dinner since this "chill" birthDAY thing was a new concept.
He gets an "A" in the thoughtfulness category.
But, overall the restaurant gets a "D" in my opinion.
He was so upset and swore up and down it got good reviews.
{BirthDAY girl cried for a third time after dinner.}

Berripop, instead of a birthDAY cake, was another new experience on this birthDAY.
It totally made up for the not-so-hot dinner!
Can you believe this was my first time EVER to go to a "fro-yo" place?
Well, since TCBY in the 3rd grade.
Definitely a perfect twenty-six year old birthDAY!

The birthWEEK.
The day after my birthDAY I woke up with these awful eyes.
They were itching and watering NONSTOP.
I couldn't keep them open for longer than 3 mintues and they were CRAZY sensitive to light.
After 2 miserable days of self diagnosing myself with everything from allergies to pink eye...
And dropping in every kind of eye drop I could get my hands on...
Off to the Optometrist I went!
I was diagnosed with a freak and "pretty severe" corneal irritation.
Numbing and steroid drops became my best friend!
Luckly, my peepers cleared up just in time to head to the Big D.

The birthWEEKEND.
MM drove to Dallas the day after my birthDAY for business.
{Yes, I was all alone during the eyeball madness!}
I flew there to meet him, spend some quality time with old friends, and attend an engagement party.
Below is my treat for making it to the airport healthy AND on time.
I was so proud of my twenty-six year old timliness.
I am extremely doubtful it will continue...

Friday morning/afternoon consisted of:
1. Body Pumping. Yes, we found a class in Dallas to go to! We have issues. 
  2. Roly Poly. Please come back to Houston!
3. Bridesmaids dress fitting. Totally cute, right?!
4. A short shopping session at North Park Mall. MM scored all the goods. 

Friday evening we met up with some family {Meet MM's cousin Melissa and her bf Nick},
and my BFF Alli {first inroduced here} for some drinks and tapas at Sangria.

Post-dinner we headed to a little bar to meet a few other old friends.

Alli, Ashley, and I were best friends in high school.
Meet AKA.
We were thrilled to be reunited.
True best friends can pick up exactly where they left off. Even if it has been years since being together!
That is US. 
I was in heaven hanging with these two beauties.

Saturday afternoon consisted of a little pool time and a lot of Katy Trail Icehouse time!
The place and I kinda have the same name. That fact made me LOVE it even more!
Perfect place for a birthWEEKEND gathering. 

Saturday evening we engagement partied it up with Jewels and headed back to the Katy Trail Icehouse. 

We are faithful Crown Black drinkers but decided to give Texas' Baby Blue Whiskey a try.
Hands down worst Whiskey ever!

This last picture was taken just after a little Dallas celebrity sighting took place.
 Tony Romo and Chase Crawford walked right past our table!
It actually happened a few times because our table was stationed near the bathroom. 
I just couldn't manage to swallow my pride, freak out, and take pictures of them like everyone else. 

Cheers to twenty-six years!

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