Monday, June 6, 2011

Katiedid win. And Katiedid lose.

I totally prefer to win. 
It is way more fun. 
But, losing at times tends to make the winning times that much sweeter. 

These past 2 weeks have been packed with all sorts of fun!
And not so much fun...
If you are up for a long and picture full recap post, consider this a WIN for you!

Let the WIN/LOSE battle begin!
My husband was out of town all week 2 weeks ago for a business trip/conference.
Not just the do-able 2 nights. It was all 5 people.
This wife spent the week doing husbandly tasks such as getting new brakes, watering the yard every evening, and taking out the trash {he was SO proud I remembered on my own}. 
All while doing silly school related work.
Think attending classes, reading books, struggling to write "group" papers with MIA members, and desperately avidly searching for a preceptor after a first failed attempt. 
{Insert tearful breakdown.}

 After a seemingly never-ending and super stressful week, I was reunited with my cutie and received super-fab presents! Gracie did too!

We I made a very important deal when all this traveling began.
Whenever one of us goes out of town, you must return bearing gifts!
The gift doesn't have to be expensive. 
A magnet or my favorite candy bar is perfectly a-ok. 
Just a little something to say, "I thought about you."
Fair enough. 

This little fur ball has been battling the miserable Houston heat. 

I received this little notification in the mail mid-week and it was a major pick-me-up. 
Gap employee discount for a year!

That Friday we got to have one last baby free double date with wonderful friends. 


And on Saturday we celebrated Holly's new home with a family and friend filled 
Housewarming Happy Hour!


Baby Cayden made his first appearance at a family gathering. 
He loved Holls!


Cayden checked me out for ONE second. 

Then started to cry. 
Which continues the I ALWAYS make babies cry pattern.

MM thinks it's hilarious. 

We played 2 late night games of Left Center Right.  
So dang fun.

 A sister face-off!

 Momma G was in the running for one game too. 

I was THE lucky girl after BOTH games. 
WIN x 2.

On Sunday we ditched our neighborhood block party plans and had some fun alone time instead. 
We went to the evening Mass at St. Anne's and discovered a yummy restaurant, Brasil.
Delicious eggplant sandwich. My new fav!

Then we had a spontaneous movie date to see Bridesmaids. 
It was a total crack up!
We got to the theater way early so we played in the photo booth like children. 

 I spent the beginning of last week studying for and taking my first test of the summer semester. 
{Very happy with the outcome!}
And managed to squeeze in mini workout clothes updates and trips to the gym.
I am loving the fashion friendly t-shirt necklines and tv-toting eliptical machines at the new 24 Hour Fitness Rice gym. 

Last Friday was the first day of my summer clinical rotation.
After much persistence and finally talking to the RIGHT person, I scored a spot at the clinic right next door to the ER I work at part-time.
Such a blessing. And it couldn't be more perfect. 
I didn't take a picture, but I will use the one from my first day last semester because I was equally excited at the end of the day. 

Saturday night we said goodbye to the Garee's at Cafe Adobe.
Steph and Jason moved to Washington DC on Sunday. 
Steph is becoming the manager of an ER in DC.
And Jason just completed his PhD and works in Breast Cancer Research.  
Boy, we will miss them. 

Up close and personal with Steph. 

This A-MAZING girl raised me as a new nurse, helped plan the sweetest surprise proposal, stood behind me as I got married, and is such an inspiration.  
I was SO sad to let her go. 

Yesterday we headed out to my parents house. 
The boys hit up the golf course. 

The girls perfected our summer tans and set up Momma's new iPad 2. 

We all played by the pool afterwards. 


Hope you have a PEACEful week.
And may it be full of WINS! Not LOSSES. 


Courtney said...

What a cute post! You are your husband are adorable together

Jenn said...

Such a FUN post! Love the idea

Mrs. Wardlow said...

I LOVE your grey top! And LCR is the best game ever!