Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Katiedid announce + pictures.

Below are pictures from the birthday/mini-martin announcement party!

Happiest Glamma EVER. 

Happiest Grandmother EVER. 

I have a little competition! Who doesn't love him?!

Holly's new little addition. 

Fun and games are always included. 

We made a special trip to tell a sick little lady she is going to be "Gigi" to another sweet great-grandbaby!

No birthday is complete without a birthday "serenade" from the hilarious Dennis. 

Cake time. 

 Everyone with their personalized onesies I had made. 

My dad rocks. My momma rocks. 

I love Grandmother. 

I love Papa. Just was not the same without him there!

MM's MUST have Pillow Pet and mini-martin's first bear!

Babies call for a mini-celebration! 
{And my newly assigned role as designated driver.}

Breaking the baby news to MM, ultrasounds, life changes, and random favorite food posts to come!
I'm still undecided on the itty-bitty baby bump post?!


the glover gang said...

what a blessed little angel baby to come into such a wonderful family! cant wait to see you with a little bump! youll be the cutest!

Stephanie Garee said...

I think we will need weekly bump pics. You haven't had a bump in your life!!! Can't wait to follow the posts. <3

The Knox Family said...

I agree! Post a bump pic! Can't wait to hear about your food cravings...mine have been veggies, fruit, and tequila ;-)

The Miskell Family said...

What a FUN, FUN way of telling your family. I love it!!!