Sunday, August 7, 2011

Katiedid announce.

It was incredibly hard to keep such a special secret for an entire month!
I am exactly 8 weeks today!

MM turned TWENTY-NINE yesterday.
 His birthday was the perfect occasion to reveal the BIG surprise to all our family and friends!
Everyone would be together, and no one would be suspicious.
We planned a little large {nothing is ever small with our crew!} birthday party at my sweet MIL's house so we could spill the baby beans to everyone at once. 
{Earlier in the week we intimately told our parents and my sister.}
After everyone arrived and had their share of drinks and snacks, we all gathered together to pray before dinner. 
Then the special birthday "prayer" cards were passed out...
My sweet sister recorded all the excitement!
Everyone was super shocked and totally excited. 
There are no words for all the happiness we are experiencing!

We just finished our delicious Lasagna dinner. 
{I can't seem to eat enough carbs lately! My crazy new favorite foods deserve a post of their own.}
I am off to cuddle on the couch with my hot hubby.
It sounds like the perfect way to spend the rest of my Sunday evening.

I will be doing more pregnancy related posts throughout the week, so keep checking back!


Jenn said...

What a FUN way to share such a sweet blessing with your family!
The video is too cute!!!

Congrats to you and MM!!!

Mrs. Wardlow said...

Congrats again! That video is precious! Baby Martin will like seeing that when he/she is older! So exciting! Mommyhood is awesome!

The Sticklen Family said...

Congrats Katie! I'm so happy for you guys!