Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katiedid break the news.

But before jumping to all the excitement, I think a little history lesson would be appropriate. 
{Feel free to scroll through this part if you are totally not feeling it.}

Ever since we said "I do" we have been on the "whatever happens, happens" plan. 
And neither of us thought anything was happening soon!
Why, you ask? 
{This is going to get a bit personal.}
Lets just say I have always been a pretty petite girl. 
But a little too petite the past 4-5 years. 
Half of it is just my genetics, and the other half was basically my own fault. 
Think small meals and daily hour long cardio sessions... 
Even after running around an ER for 12 hours.
It was my routine and my way of life. 
I knew it was pretty unhealthy but stuck with it anyway. 
As a result, my cycles were irregular and occasionally nonexistent. 

We would always get asked about our "baby making" plans.
Or even told straight-up TOLD by others {Mom/Glamma} to start working on it!
But, with me only working slightly part time AND being in graduate school...
 No BIG effort was taking place. 
Also, parents struggled for 5 years to get pregnant with me. 
{My Mom and I are almost identical. The proof is below.}
I always envisioned my life being exactly like hers.
And full of pills, shots, and infertility doctors. 
Little girl of little faith, I know. 
But, I am a nurse, a realist, and I know how difficult things can be. 

Because of my irregular cycles, I have taken more pregnancy tests than one could possibly count. 
Honestly, I thought they all were made with only one possible result. 
Well, on July 8th I took a defective test...

July 8, 2011
MM got up at 6ish, like he does everyday, to head to the gym for a pre-work workout and to take my car to get new a new set of tires.
I, on the other hand, stayed in bed.
I was about 3 weeks late, but honestly that was not a shocker.
I had a negative test on July 2nd {this day}, so why would this test be any different?
Seeing this totally took my breath away!
I was home alone, had to go to in to clinic, and just decided to proceed with my scheduled day knowing an extremely BIG secret. 
I didn't want to tell MM the extra special news over the phone. 
{So not fun!}
And after all, I had the entire day to come up with a cute little "you are going to be a daddy" something!

The remainder of the day proved to be eventful as well...
On my way out the door I realized everything I needed for clinic was in MY car.
Yes, the one that MM was took to get new tires put on that morning after he went to the gym. 
Also, while driving to the clinic I accidentally got a little "too close" to someones bumper while anticipating a right turn. 
It's not my fault she stopped too long! Ha.
{I may or may not have been in 2 more minor/under 5 mph wrecks since. Bad pregnant driver.}
And of course, MM did not have his new insurance card in his car either. 
I was forced into calling him, explaining the situation, and listening to a husband "be careful" lecture. 
All while holding in tears and the biggest, life-changing secret ever. 

After clinic I dashed over to Target to hopefully come up with a perfect little "daddy" something. 
I ended up making a little photo book and filled a basket with new daddy essentials. 

MM's reaction was priceless. 
A few "shut-up" statements and "Are you serious?" questions were definitely present.
{Exactly like me on our engagement night.}
There is nothing like a true, totally unexpected surprise!
Many hugs, kisses, and smiles followed.  

We always agreed that we wanted to keep our pregnancies our own little secret for a while. 
No family, no friends, and no announcement on Facebook right away. 
Early on many unexpected things can happen and in the beginning it should be all about US. 
The first few weeks and secret doctors appointments were such an intimate and special time. 
Not spilling the baby beans on this family lake getaway the DAY after finding out was the hardest!
Yep, there was a tiny little bean in that belly!

Can you tell we LOVE surprises oh-so much?!
And these days everything in life seems totally planned out and put together. 
So, Mini-Martin's gender will remain a SURPRISE until delivery day!
 We wouldn't have it any other way. 

You better believe I am counting down the days until we can break that news to you too!


Big K Fam said...

Oh I love how you told Matt!!! Such a sweet surprise!!!

Jenn said...

I love that you guys kept it so personal for a little while, what a special time for the 2 of you!