Sunday, November 13, 2011

Katiedid buy, rent, paint, and shower.

Did that mishmash of a title spark your interest?
If not, oh well. 
I left my energy and creativity at the ranch this weekend. 
My apologies. 
I suppose I could blame my exhaustion on being pregnant, my heck of a long successful shopping day yesterday, the 5 hour car ride home today...
{Does anyone else always feel completely wiped out after merely sitting in the car for hours?!}
OR just thinking about packing up an entire house and moving in a grand total of 7 days!

We bought a beautiful new nest in the Houston suburbs at the end of October. 
Signing the contract over football and beers! 
{For the not pregnant ones.}

The Martin's and my MIL/fabulous realtor at the official closing!

After showing our current inner city Houston house to a total of TWO different people, it is RENTED. 
Easy breezy, just like that.
God has truly been watching over our sweet family and His plans are for us are pure perfection. 
We are thankful beyond words!

Glamma and Papa {my parents} have graciously allowed us to redo and use the crib, dresser, and changing table my sister and I used. 
And a few weekends ago Glamma and I went to work!

The before.

Unnecessarily sanding the crib...
I had heard about Annie Sloan chalk paint being the latest and greatest {think no sanding or priming} addition to the paint world, but had no idea where to buy it in Houston. 
Jamie generously shared the sacred information just in time!

Painting away!

Auntie A and Glamma tackling the rails. 

After 2 coats. 

"Dressing" the dresser!

And the finished product!
I absolutely love how everything turned out. 
{As far as the chalk paint is concerned, I'm still on the fence about how "easy" the process is.}
We are planning a white and beige Restoration Hardware Baby-esque nursery and we couldn't have bought a more perfect set of furniture.
The fact that I slept in this crib and now our baby will too makes my mommy-to-be heart oh-so happy!

My darling friend {and former bridesmaid} Julie will be getting married in January.
And I am so honored to return the sweet favor of being a bridesmaid in her wedding. 

Two weekends ago I flew out to Dallas to shower her with all sorts of gifts and fun!

Isn't she going to be such a beautiful bride?!

Her and her sister Laurie. 
{Laurie did such a wonderful job planning all the special festivities!}

And no Bachelorette party is complete without a late night on-stage appearance!

This was mini-Martin after his/her first night out!
Can you believe we made it until 2 am?!
Soberly, I will add. 

My hubby is telling me it's time for our weekly Homeland watching. 
It is by far my favorite show in a long time. 
Do yourself a favor and check it out! 

{ta-ta for now!}
A ranch weekend wrap up is coming to you later this week!

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Jamie said...

I can not wait to see the finished nursery! Good luck on the move!