Thursday, November 10, 2011

Katiedid wrap up WI.

Forgive me for just now finishing these Wisconsin posts. 
I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures and just the thought of going through the rest of them overwhelmed my pregnant brain. 
But, I have been wide awake since 530 this morning...
{Please tell me the sleeplessness I have heard so much about is NOT starting already!}
 So, I took advantage of my free time!
There was definitely more productive school related things I could have been doing, 
but my coffee {half caff}, Cinnabon creamer, and Blogger were calling my name!

Ready to head out on the boat!

High Falls. 

Some took a dip in the freezing water...
And someone {I} did not!

After our day on the water, we headed out to our favorite, favorite, favorite WI restaurant. 
{Pre-dinner pics by the Peshtigo River}

Daddy-O and MM walking into Shaffers. 
MM has heard about this place for years! 
I was SO pumped he was finally able to experience its awesomeness. 
The fried chicken and fish are 

Me with a Shirley Temple and MM with his FIRST authentic Old Fashioned!
If you know my family, you know they are our signature drink. 
Such a special day!

Post dinner drinks with Aunt Tweet. 

MM playing with the boys!
Melts my heart. 

On our way back from our play day we drove up to this...

A big scary black bear!
Recall that there are really LIVE black bears on our family's land. 
We fed them in this post.

But, this one actually turned out to be quite friendly. 

In this case, Uncle Don played the black bear. 
Such a precious prank!
We laughed, and laughed, and laughed...

The garden. 
I would pay top dollar to have one of these in Texas. 

Post-breakfast pic with more family!

After breakfast we headed out to Dave's Falls for a little nature walk. 
On our way there a black bear crossed the road right in front of our car. 
We still think Uncle Don sent him our way!

Quick stop at the Piggly Wiggly for an afternoon pregnant girl snack. 
My sister and I have been obsessed with the Crivitz Piggly Wiggly since we were like 4. 
Isn't the pig just the cutest?!

The boys enjoyed an afternoon of golf. 

I enjoyed an Odouls and cheese. Ha. 

A little evening game of cowboy golf. 

Fresh from the farm corn on the cob. 
There are NO words for the yumminess. 
We ate like 4+ cobs per day. 

Family farm photo session!

And one final dinner at Shaffers!

I have so many memories sitting by this bar as a kid...
Just listening to my parents catch up with old friends and watching the gold dancing people spin around for hours!

And that is a wrap!
I am going to do my best to whip up a few more posts today.
{In between school work of course.}

First up, a bare belly post!
Can you believe it has been SIX weeks since my last one?!
Please prepare yourself...
ALL things are expanding in ALL directions. 

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