Monday, November 14, 2011

Katiedid hang at the ranch.

Last Friday MM, Glamma, Papa, and I packed up and headed out to the Texas Hill Country. 
We are so lucky to have this little slice of heaven to hang at!
It is one of our favorite, favorite, favorite places to go. 
It is so peaceful and the rugged scenery is just stunning. 

Here is me and mini-Martin before our first hunt together!
My picture of absolute sexiness. 
I love me a manly man!
 All smiles waiting on Mr. Big Buck!
He didn't come. 
Only little doe's made it to the feeder. 
Saturday at the ranch is always a girls only shopping day in Fredericksburg! 
We don't go sit in a deer stand and wait for our "treasure" to appear... We go buy it!
Truth be told, we count down to these Saturdays all year. 
A few pre-shopping pics...
I have the cutest Momma to ever live. 
And the cutest hubby and Daddy.
How did I get so blessed??
{Daddy is workin' the girl hand-on-the-hip pose. Hilar.}
Belly, belly, belly. 
Shopping away!
We told the boys to get trigger happy so we could have a tree like this for Christmas!
CAKE BATTER fro yo + strawberries + Oreos= One delishious afternoon treat!
 I shopped til I dropped. 

While all the boys were out hunting Saturday afternoon and my Aunt Donna was sick in the ranch house...
Mr. Big Buck came right to the feeder 150 yards away from the house. 
Janie, my Aunt and Uncle's live in housekeeper, spotted it and ran and told Donna. 
She threw on some camo, grabbed her gun, and headed out to the back porch. 
She shot this brave buck while balancing her gun on the hot tub!
She gets the biggest buck basically every year, so it was no surprise.
Really though, shooting this big ol' ten point buck from your back porch?!

MM and Aunt Donna's deer. 
{If you are not the hunting type, feel free to "x" out of this post.}
A matching Momma and daughter. 
{We bought these pj's separately and both packed them to wear that weekend.}
Squishing my hubby. 
Girls in the kitchen.
{Janie, me, Aunt Donna, Glamma}
So happy cousin Chris is back in the "Lone Star State"!
Cheers to killing big deers!
Aunt Donna and her buck + Chris and the one he shot a few days earlier. 
I was making mini-Martin move and Glamma snapped another belly pic. 
Sunday morning MM shot three hogs in one shot. 
{Well, killed two and wounded one. He then had to shoot a few more times to finish the last one off.}
Here he is in all his hog hunting glory!

I am off to run a few last minute errands and pack another hundred boxes. 


♥ H ♥ said...

Yall did better than we did when we went a few weekends back. Only shot one hog. Your belly is so cute lady!! Goodl uck w packing!

Lauren said...

I think your sweet belly has a mini-Matt in it. Just want to throw that out there. It's my official guess.