Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Emmedid her FIRST Halloween.

This Halloween was SO fun for many quite obvious reasons! I mean, who wouldn't love playing dress  up with this little doll?! Before I get to the real costume cuteness, here are a few pictures of Miss Emme from the week of Halloween. The weather was beautiful so we had picnic's and playtime outside. 

How adorable is this sweet little chick?!
A chicken, a chick and an egg! 
We had a small pre-trick-or-treating gathering of family and friends at our house. 
Precious puppy dog! And E loved her ears! 
Too funny. 
A beautiful bee. 
And a handsome race car driver. 
Off we go! 
Our first house. 
And our favorite house!
The whole gang. 
Trick-or-treating is tough stuff. 
We had tons of first Halloween fun with our boo-tiful chick!

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