Thursday, November 29, 2012

Emmedid turn EIGHT months.

Sweet Emme girl, 
You are really almost NINE months old. I know I am a little late on this post {as usual!} but the majority of my days are now spent chasing you around and constantly picking up our play time and meal time messes. I don't like to be on my computer while you are awake because I want you to have my full attention, so there are only little gaps of time where I can sit down and work on these lengthy posts. Also, now you are doing/saying/going so many more places and there is TONS I want to document. Anyway, let's get started...

Eight month photo shoot. 
Emmedid grow. 
-Ems, I think you are pretty perfect and doing all the things a growing girl should!
-You are sleeping from 8ish-5ish every day. Once you wake up I feed you and you go right back to sleep until around 730-8. We still have a few "off" nights where you wake up every 4 or so hours, but I really don't mind. You typically fall right back asleep after nursing and/or rocking for a few minutes. I can easily say that by now I have adjusted to sleepless nights and running on 4-5 full hours of sleep.
-You typically take 1 short morning nap for about 45 minutes and 1 longer afternoon nap for 1-2 hours.  We occasionally skip one or the other or take them in the car or stroller because... Well, because we have to leave the house at least one time each day!
-Your at home nap times have changed due to the reason pictured below. I lay you down, and you stand up. Such a fun game we play!
-You are still wearing size 3 diapers, size 6-9 month clothes, and size 2 shoes.
-You weigh around 17 pounds and are generally pretty petite.
-I nurse you every 4 hours during the day and you typically eat 3 "meals" and a few snacks. Your favorite foods are still yogurt, sweet potatoes, waffles, apples, and grilled cheese. I try to mix in other vegetables, but they usually just hang out on your tray. You still refuse to eat any pureed "baby foods."
-You have no sign of any little teeth popping out anytime soon. 
-While you can't talk quite yet, you can bark like Grace! You have been making this screeching sound for a while now and we finally figured out you were barking! Hilarious. 
-Since we are talking about Grace... You two have the sweetest little relationship. She follows you around and you follow her around. 
-Every morning we have coffee together {like mother, like daughter!} and then look out of our front window. 
-You are pulling up on EVERYTHING. 
-I can not leave you alone for one second. Never, ever!
-You have lots of fun in your walker!
-This month you helped Mommy and Daddy celebrate their 3rd Anniversary.
-Went on your first girls only trip to a wedding.
-You sent Mommy off on her first day of work as a part time Family Nurse Practitioner. 
-While Mommy is away at work, your Glamma takes the best care of you!
-She even brings you to meet me for lunch EVERYDAY at Chickfila. I told you she is awesome! 
-You helped celebrate our favorite ol' buck's 60th birthday.
-You were the cutest little chick for your first Halloween.
-You still continue to cheer on your favorite football teams.
-And you are still my favorite running buddy. 
-You also witnessed your first presidential election. 
-Clearly, I still can not get enough of you! And I don't foresee my obsession ending any time soon either!
-Lastly, I want to end this EIGHT month post with your biggest accomplishment yet...
You have learned how to wave hi/bye and occasionally even say "eyyyyyy"
You now make friends everywhere we go! And of course Mommy and Daddy think you are the smartest EIGHT month old ever!

Thank you for filling our hearts with so much happiness, Emme Kate! 

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the tichenor family said...

she is just so precious and you can tell what an incredible Mommy you are just by the sweet words you write! I have thought miss Emme looked like her daddy for most of her life but I am starting to see YOU more and more! Those precious pictures of her laying her face on the glider look JUST like you to me!! She's an angel. Can you believe how much you love that darling girl? Motherhood is kind of amazing!