Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Katiedid+Emmedid Christmas 2012. {Christmas Day}

It's like Christmas every day when you get to wake up to this sweet baby face...
But, this day it was actually Christmas Day! Oh my word, it was amazing!
I took a bazillion pictures {which was an absolute necessity!} so I will let them do the talking. 
 In addition to the bazillion pictures, we always record Christmas Day in its entirety.
It's a tradition. 
The stocking. 
Big girl car seat. 
Pics with parents. 
John Deere. 
Dada's gift. 
Swing and smiles. 
Family pictures. 
 Glamma and Papa's present. 
I spy a pretty pink playhouse!
 It was another jewelry filled Christmas for the Grz girls!
Auntie Holly brought Emme outfits back from Paris!
And a Bitty Baby from Grammy!
Christmas dinner at the Cartwright's. 
Singing and Santa made a late appearance!
Merry Christmas from the Hamilton clan!
It was the merriest Christmas day ever!

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Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

My mom's side of the family are Hamilons too!! How funny! We even have that picked as one of our baby names! ;)

Looks like a fun Christmas!