Saturday, May 14, 2011

Katiedid say hello.

 Hello yellow! 
{You are so bright and cheery compared to the nude I have been sporting for months!}
Truthfully, I have been counting down the days until I could justify another mani-pedi expense. 
The last one I got was in Lafayette {2 weeks ago}... And really, who needs one each week?

I am completely obsessed with the hole-in-a-wall fabulous Neon Nail {$25 mani-pedi PLUS a neck massage. Who can beat that?!} and have been longing to follow the BRIGHT-SUNSHINEY trend. 
So, yesterday I made it happen. 

The OPI yellow they had was heinous. 
Think pale/nasty/jaundiced yellow color for those of you in health care. 
{Yes, I drink but there is no cirrhosis going on in my liver!} 
So, I opted for the thicker/darker China Glaze yellow called Happy Go Lucky. 
And it has made me smile inside each and every time I see it. 

I was slightly skeptical about choosing the China Glaze {being the OPI addict that I am} but we are one day in and not a chip yet! 
Honestly, I hope it lasts forever. 

Hello best friend!
Alli make a visit to Houston for the weekend.
And I make a visit to Washington last night to see her sweet face!
She is the definition of "best friend."
 A girl who knows you inside and out and loves you anyway. 
A girl you truly gets you and all your weirdness.
A girl that never needs an explanation. 
A girl that you can pick up with EXACTLY where you left off last time. 
A girl that I love with my whole heart. 

It was fate for us to be best friends. 
Living on the same street, growing up together, being inseperable in high school, roommates in college, and the MOH #2 in my wedding.

It was so great to catch up last night!
My heart is happy today. 

Hello kisses!
I am so happy you are back in my life!
The truth is...I married a germ freak.
A constant hand washer, anti-bacterial lover, and do not even think about coughing on me person.
{Being a nurse, I couldn't be more opposite.}
The past week I have been a sore throat, congested, and constant nose blowing mess. 
Needless to say, there has been absolutely no touching in our house. 
Last night the kisses came back!
{Boy, did I miss them.}

Hello beautiful day!
Today is a perfect day in Houston. Sunny, breezy, warm, with ZERO humidity. 
I live for {and my hair longs for} days like these. 

 I am off to say hello to Body Pump at the gym.
Then I will be saying hello to my bathing suit, backyard, and the sweet sun to get a little tan on.
And finally, I will be saying hello to the new Mrs. Moye {and all my other favorite nurse friends} at her wedding {to another one of the nurses we used to work with}.
She caught the bouquet at my wedding!
Guess it worked!

Hope you have a weekend full of fun hello's!
{I should have mentioned hello long post at the beginning! Forgive me.}


The Sturgeon Family said...

I love your yellow nails!! And your stacked wedding bands.. I'm going for the same look, but only have two so far. Who makes the two beaded looking bands? I am obsessed! :)

Anonymous said...

Make that 16 followers.....adorable blog!