Friday, June 17, 2011

Katiedid erase minds.

See the little gadget pictured below.
Yep, that is my magic thermometer mind eraser.

The Story:
Today I triaged a super cute young-ish couple in the ER.
I obtained the husband's vital signs and swiped this little mystery wand across his forehead and then touched it behind his ear. 
His reply: "What is that crazy thing? A mind eraser?"
His wife's reply: "No honey, if it was they would use that after they violate you."
My reply as I busted out with laughter: "Now that would be awesome!"
Our following conversation may or may not have been work appropriate.

Oh, the fun I could have with my own personal mind eraser.
"No MM, I did not just carry in multiple shopping bags full of new purchases..."
Slide the mind eraser across his head.
"Ugh, I did not just see the receipt for my birthday present in my husband's email..."
Slide the mind eraser across my head.
"No Mom, you have not spent the last week in pain, nauseous, and laying in bed..."
Slide the mind eraser across her head.

The Update:
My Galveston trip was flawless!
My fake patient encounter was "beautiful."
I stitched up some piggy feet nice and pretty.
I did take a picture. Want to see?!
I scored some sassy new tops from Haba's.
I am currently on day 5 of my consecutive school/clinic/work schedule. 1 more to go! Holla.
My birthday is next Tuesday! I have no big plans for the day and I LOVE IT.

 Do something worthy of mind erasing this weekend!
I dare you.


the glover gang said...

ok i just went through and read every post! haha! your blog is PRECIOUS! love it!

Anonymous said...

I have this thermometer and I love it! Every easy to take my little ones temp. Never thought of it as a mind reader; only if...

KJJ Houston said...

you are funny!