Monday, October 10, 2011

Katiedid Crivitz.

The majority of our Wisconsin trip was spent on Netzel Lane in Crivitz.
My mom was raised on a beautiful farm on a street named after her very own family. 
That is how long they have lived there!
She was the last of 8 children {her dad died when she was 6}, so all the actual farming ended soon after that. 
She always has a special memory or a story to share about her childhood spent outdoors in this beautiful place.

We stayed in this cozy little cabin just steps away from the main house.
How did I manage to not take a picture of the main house, I don't know?!

This is the cute little hunting shack where all the boys hang during deer season.

Hangin' in the shack!

Uncle Don made some yummy fish.

And this is the precious old barn. 
Quite stunning. 

The next day we woke up, threw on some clothes, 
and gave MM his first tour of the incredible Netzel farm.

Not on the boat, cute boy!

Heading out for the grand ol' tour AND to feed the black bears.
Yep, there are cute {but kinda dangerous} black bears that live on the farm too!

The bear's food of choice= crushed Doritos, frosting, and last night's leftovers.

Come and get it!
Uncle Don even has a motion camera the records the bears when they come to feast!

Isn't he just the cutest?!

Aunt Linda, Momma, and me!
{And mini-Martin too. Small, but in there for sure!}


Getting up close and personal with the corn!

Old hidden treasures!

These two formed the cutest little bond...
"Uncle D" + "Thew"


Picking apples off the apple tree!

Fresh blooming hydrangeas!
I would be in heaven if these beauties grew in my front yard.

And MM's first REAL trip into a basement.

My mom and her 7 siblings have their handprints in a row in the basement.
Precious memories.

I am going briefly to interrupt the Wisconsin posts because...
Today is a very special day in the Martin house! 
More on that later this afternoon.


Lauren said...

Love the pics! Never knew that about your momma! What a fun family place!

KJJ Houston said...

What a BEAUTIFUL place, Im jele! I wish I had that in my family! Looking fwd to hearing what this news is ... :)