Monday, October 10, 2011

Katiedid mark 2 years.

2 years ago today I married the one person God designed perfectly for me!

 I love how he loves me when no one else is watching...

How he makes me smile like no one else can...

And how beautiful my life is purely because I share every day with him!

Last weekend we had planned on taking a little 2 day get-a-way to celebrate 2 incredible years.
However, MM's grandmother died last week and we spent our weekend remembering her sweet life. 
It is not exactly what we had planned...
But, I was incredibly honored just to be the wife that stood right by his side. 
Marriage is not all smiles all the time. 
And there is no other person I could imagine enduring all of life's up's and down's with. 

This girl does not demand a large anniversary celebration, an expensive dinner, or a fancy gift.
The monotonous, everyday married life is what I cherish the most. 
MM is actually out of town today for a work conference!
What wife lets her husband do that?!
One that knows each and every sacrifice we both make only makes our marriage stronger. 
We will celebrate in our own special little way when he gets home later this week. 

Speaking of homes...
{And about the exciting news mentioned here}
The Martin's are moving to a new HOME out in the burbs! 

The seller process has had a few minor issues, but all is resolved now! 
In November we will be just a short jog {literally!} away from great-grandparents, both sets of grandparents, 2 aunts, and 2 uncles. 
Hello, family time!

This whole moving thing was a TOTAL surprise to me!
I had been planning how exactly we could cram a kid into our itty-bitty {but precious} inner city home. 
MM found the house on a Thursday, showed it to me on a Friday, we made an appointment to look at it on Saturday, and made an offer on Sunday.
{I told you I am the luckiest wife ever!}
We are beyond excited for our little family's future. 

Today is also my beautiful best friend's {and MOH #2} birthday!
This sweet thing graciously allowed us to get married on her 25th birthday. 

I love you to pieces Alli!
{more about her here and here}

Hope today {10.10} is a "perfect 10" for you too!
The short version of our wedding video can be a viewed here
First click on HD Samples, then Movie Room, then Love Story, and ours is Royal Oaks CC on top. 
A few other wedding photos are featured here as well. 


The Miskell Family said...


How exciting!

♥ H ♥ said...

Where are you moving lady?? If so we will have to get together! Congrats :)

Big K Fam said...

Happy Anniversary!!! and congrats on the new house and burb living!

Mrs. Wardlow said...

Happy anniversary!!!! And u will love being so close to your family! It is great for u, them and baby!