Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Katiedid hope.

This morning we had our 20 week Anatomy Scan and absolutely fell in love with this cutie all over again!

Oh my goodness, I have such a little squirmer in my belly!
At every ultrasound the technician comments about how stinkin' active he/she is. 
I just laugh, smile, and stare at the screen while they struggle to get the images/measurements. 
That's just another few minutes I get to look at our little love bug!
It was also confirmed that mini-Martin's head is on my left side...
Which explains all the action I always I feel on my right side.

Thankfully, no gender specific "parts" popped out today. 
The sweet tech said she was "avoiding that area like the plague."
At the end, she told us to close our eyes while she took a super quick look. 
Everything in that area is good-to-go as well!
I can not believe she is the ONE person that knows the sex of mini-Martin. 
I am slightly jealous someone knows, and I {the MOM} don't. 
But, no surprise will ever compare to the one coming up in March!

Here is the happy Momma after getting the healthy report!
I swear, from the exact second you find out you are pregnant...
You never stop wishing, hoping, and praying for your baby's sweet little life. 

Now, for a little favor I hope you will pass along...
In just about 6 short weeks our current precious little home will be vacant and RENTABLE!
{We are only moving to be closer to our families and for a little more room for our family to grown in!}

We live {in Houston} just minutes away from the Medical Center, Galleria, Rice Village, and downtown. 
If you want me to be more specific {without divulging my actual address}, we live just outside Loop 610 between the Braeswood and Stella Link exits. 
This would be the perfect little home for someone/a new family that wants to be close to all the Houston goodness, but still wants to rent in an affordable, safe neighborhood.

We have made SO many updates recently and just are not ready to sell.
The updates include a cozy little deck in the front of the house, wood floors, granite countertops, new windows and wood shutters, an alarm system, and a 10 foot fence in the back yard. 


Living Room:


 We have 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms:


We are looking for responsible, neat renters starting in December. 
For more information, please email me at matkatmartin@gmail.com. 
And again, please pass this along to any of your friends or family members that may be interested!

"Once you choose hope, anything is possible."
-Christopher Reeve

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Jenn said...

I can see why you do not want to sell.. The house is so fabulous!!! Hope y'all find great renters who respect how beautiful the house is!