Saturday, October 22, 2011

Katiedid Green Bay.

Sorry about the brief Wisconsin trip interruptions, sweet readers. 
The other special events needed to be posted on their respective date. 
Now, back to traveling business!

While in WI, we attended our first GREEN BAY Packer game!
If you know the extensiveness of our love for those cheeseheads, you understand all the hoopla. 
 It was their first pre-season game of the season. 
Nonetheless, it was a GAME...
Played by the PACKERS...
in LAMBAU field!
Being able to get regular season Packer tickets is no easy, breezy task. 
The tickets are season tickets and those season tickets are passed down from generation to generation. 
Basically, you have to know someone who has season tickets and will graciously give you one. 
And for them to give you their ticket they would probably have to be dead or dying not to be there themselves.
So, we were absolutely floured we knew the right people {thanks Uncle Mike!} who could get some of these hot little tickets in our hands.

Before the game, we headed over to my Uncle Mike's {my Godfather} home in Green Bay for a little pre-game cookout action.
Uncle Mike and Aunt Melissa have 5 incredibly precious children!
Below is a little near cry...

Which turned into a who is this chick face?!
I am slightly getting better at the always making babies cry thing.
Nice timing.

Brats included!
No WI gathering happens without em!

Boys, boys, boys!

The game day parking is like nothing I have ever seen!
Every house surrounding the stadium offers front lawn parking and a bathroom if you are lucky!

 Mind your manners.


Matty, Daddy, and Vince!

Mom, Kate, and Curly!

The Martin's.

Pregnant girl signing up to be the DD!


So very fitting!

Getting up close and personal with the QB's!

Mini-Martin's first game too!

We soaked up every stinkin' second of that game!
And to top things off, it was the first GREEN BAY Packer win of the season!
One last WI realted post coming soon.
{Thanks to this post, I am now craving a big beer boiled brat.}

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