Thursday, December 22, 2011

Katiedid bare the belly. {4}

Hey, hey, hey! 
Here is your fair warning...
That personal parts {belly, booty, and the other "b's"} have been growing, growing, growing!
{Procede to the pictures with caution.}

Week 23.
Week 24. 
{Moving week. I completely forgot about the bare belly shot amidst the all the boxes!}
Week 25.
Plus a Thanksgiving Day family picture. 
Week 26. 
{Goober Grace wanted in on the picture taking action!}
Week 27. 
{And I truly think she is figuring out something is up with her Momma.}
Week 28.
{My belly loving sista got a little snap happy and took all of these pictures. I just had to post each of them because my belly is getting so darn big!}

And here are some more fun pregnancy facts that I might as well put down for the record!
Laughing is perfectly acceptable. 

1. I have an outrageous "outie" and a fancy little line {linea nigra} down the center of my belly.
It cracks me up each time I look in the mirror. 
To be perfectly honest, I was a little self conscious about it at first. 
But, I've decided to "embrace" it.

2. I despise over-the-belly pregnancy pants. 
Really, who wants to wear pants halfway up to their neck?!
And the pressure they put on your epigastric area {medical term} makes me want to pop. 
After being miserable for days and trying to cover up the outie, I just gave up on them. 
Now, ALL the preggo pants get folded down just low enough to be comfortable AND cover my "love handles." 

3. Did I just say "love handles?"
Got those too. 

4. I failed my first 1 hour glucose tolerance test. 
The cut off blood sugar was 130. Mine was 131. 
So, I endured the torture of the 3 hour test. 
Here is the brutal run-down:
1. Draw fasting blood sugar at 8 am.
{Yes, a 45 minute traffic filled drive to the Med Center happened before 8 am.}
2. Drink a sick super sugary drink. 
3. Get a kinda nice sugar high. 
4. Draw blood sugar at 9 am. 
5. Sugar high goes bye-bye.
 {You now crash and feel like death.}
6. Draw blood sugar at 10 am. 
7. Continue feeling like death. 
8. Draw blood sugar at 11 am. 
{That is 4 different blood draws.}
9. Continue feeling like death. 
10. Speed to McDonalds and get a Happy Meal. 
{Happy Katie.}
I did PASS the 3 hour test!
Hooray, no diabetes for this duo!

5. Rolling over in bed is becoming quite a task. 
I literally have to heave-ho myself onto my other side. 
Apparently, I do it repeatedly in my sleep and never realized it until now. 

6. I can not eat enough Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. 
They are most definitely the reason why I have love handles. 
And probably why I failed my first glucose tolerance test. 

7. Mini-Martin has become quite a little mover these days. 
He/she always just "pushes" on my tummy too.  
My heart flutters with happiness after every little squirm!
It is by far the most incredible and indescribable feeling EVER. 
These little kicks and squirms make me completely forget about #'s 1-5.

8. It's crazy how much 6 months and a growing baby belly can change a girl.
I find myself repeatedly daydreaming {and crying happy tears} about becoming a Mom and seeing our little one for the first time.
This beautiful face is the background on my phone. 
I just can't keep my eyes off of it!
I am POSITIVE I love mini-Martin more than shopping, the gym, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. 

9. I love my husband more than I ever thought was possible. 
Pregnancy would be unbearable without him. 
He is so easy going and just lets this crazy person do/say/get emotional about whatever. 

10. Each day I pray we are grow to become incredible parents, just as ours were to us. 
If we even get remotely close to their awesomeness, I will be happy. 
They provided the perfect amount of guidance, freedom, and responsibility to raise fun, loving, yet hard working and successful individuals.
I hope to instill the family values and closeness that are prominent in everything we do. 
We live less than a mile away from the majority of our family.
And that seems like the perfect start!

Enough of all the pregnancy talk...
We are having a "cousin's" party at our house tomorrow and Christmas is THREE days away!
Gotta get my Santa like booty and belly out and about to finish a few last minute errands. 
Have a merry day!


♥ H ♥ said...

WAY! Too cute :) And I love the picture of you in front of the tree and Gracie looking up at you like "Umm mom, did you eat a watermelon for breakfast?"

Jamie said...

I had that pesky line and outie belly button too! You look so adorable!