Monday, December 19, 2011

Katiedid hang at the ranch. Round 2.

A few weekends ago the Grz. fam made another trip to the beloved ranch.
This time sissy and her boyfriend {CJ} came to tag along too!

The weather was pretty cold and dreary, so we all stayed snuggled up in the house most of the trip.
 Mini, MM, and I did manage to go out for one afternoon hunt on Friday. 
And hello, little outie!
{It's just too hard to hide the bullseye on my big ol' belly... So, I am embracing it!}
I see some significant baby bump growth in 1 month!
Glamma lovin' on the belly. 
Hunting family. 
Best Pappa-to-be ever. 
We all can see who is the REAL hunter in the stand!
Sissy and CJ made a late evening arrival.
MM getting cozy with the MIL...
...Then playing hard to get with the wifey...
Losers Snoozers after an early Saturday morning hunt. 
Cute couple in the hot tub. 
{You couldn't pay me to put on a bathing suit.}
CJ and his rifle. 
Watch yourself. 
Pregger pic. 
The family went shooting. 
We opted to stay in the car.
Action shot.
{See the bullet casing in the top right-ish corner of picture 2?!}
Boys, boys, boys. 
Avidly playing our favorite ranch game, Rummikub!
This was another trip of MM only killing hogs. 
And this one was pregnant!
I will spare you the poor baby/fetus pictures.
{They make this momma-to-be tear up a little.}
Boys playing their nightly game of poker. 
And one pooped puppy!
These family ranch trips {full of uninterrupted family time} are one of our favorite parts of fall!
It's crazy to think the next time we head up to the ranch an EIGHT month old mini-Martin will be tagging along!!

A {BIG} bare belly post is coming at you next!
It REALLY has been SIX weeks since the last one.
My goodness, where has the time gone?!


Jon and Molly Dorsey said...

Love Love Love rummikub! We used to play all the time with my relative in Minnesota - it is a northern thing? You are precious - can't wait to see pics of Mini Martin!

♥ H ♥ said...

I love your little outie!!