Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Katiedid Christmas. {2011}

This Christmas Eve was exactly like all the previous years. 
{Which I love.}
I am a girl all about tradition and keeping things the "same."
Next year our plans may change a little because we will be toting around a toddler. 
But, for the most part I am adamant all other activities will be carried out as usually scheduled.

Here is the usual Christmas Eve run-down:
1. MM and I made a quick pre-holiday dash to the gym in the morning.
This probably won't happen in future years, so I took full advantage of our sweaty session together. 

2. We went to Mass at 4pm. 
And we were late because of me as usual.
However, this year MM, his sister, his Grandmother, and I got to carry the gifts to the altar.
That was a fun, unexpected twist to the usual Mass.

3. After Mass we always head over to my Aunt Donna's for my Mom's {the Neztel} family Christmas celebration. 
I was too busy munching on goodies and talking to family to even think about taking pictures. 
But, we did have a Grzybowski family photo shoot after everyone left because we were desperate for a few up-to-date family pictures for my parents Christmas New Years card. 

Check out a few of my fav's!
Christmas kisses with my love. 

4. After the Netzel family Christmas party we always exchange gifts at my MIL's house. 
I am thinking this activity will be removed off our schedule next year. 
All of our gifts will probably be opened/exchanged Christmas morning at our house since mini-Martin will be the center of everyone's attention.  

MM and his nifty new backpack leaf blower!
 And from the back. 
Glamma and sissy cheesin' it up. 
MIL and Auntie Amanda Panda. 

Christmas day was lovely and the "same" as always.
1. Bright and early MM, Grace, and I opened most of our gifts at our house before heading over to my parents.
 Gracie Goo always goes first.
This girl loves to open presents. 
New toys...
New leash...
Totally pooped puppy...
Santa brought both of us a Keurig. 
This little gem is my new best friend!
Enjoying our first cup of java! 
Our little shadow wishing she could have a cup too!
MM and I both got each other house phones!
We have had a home phone number for about a month... Just no phone!
Pretty funny, but totally practical.
MM also got me a handsfree/bluetooth accessory for my car. 
He said, "It was so I didn't kill myself and our kid while driving."
{Obviously, he has little faith in my driving capabilities.}
MM got several new dress shirts. 
And he surprised me with a small flat screen TV for mini's nursery!
He has always been pretty negative about the idea of a TV in the nursery... but came through in the end.
Such a well trained sweet boy!
Christmas morning belly picture.
{And Grace had to make her presence known again!}
2. We then headed to my parents house for our present opening round #2. 
All the goods. 
Glamma made her traditional Christmas morning crepes. 
Pappa and I helped too. 
The boys just smiled and watched. 

And no Christmas morning is complete without mimosas. 
{Mine was a mini one!}
Auntie Holly, mini, and I snapped a quick matching pj pic before the present opening. 

Hello, hot hubby. 
Mini-Martin's new ride. 
{All this Momma-to-be wanted for Christmas was a Bugaboo! And Santa came through!}
I must admit all the baby related presents turned me into a huge emotional, hormonal, pregnant chick. 
I cried {happy tears} like a baby for the rest of the day!
And Santa delivered MM a matching Bugaboo Daddy diaper bag too!
The best parents ever.
Little love birds. 
The infamous shoes!
Pappa in his new Packer jersey courtesy of us!
Glamma and a few goodies!
Sissy and her Keurig. 
Our family gave CJ his first camo gear!
Its official! He is a hunter.
Auntie Holly and mini's first cell phone!
{It was a reminder of her iPhone she got a few months ago.}
There was one last unopened "mystery" gift left by the stockings...
MM got up and handed it to ME!
{He always pulls off the sweetest surpises!}
Inside was a new Micheal Kors watch.
I had been dropping hints about wanting a new large gold watch, but I didn't really expect anything because of all the recent move/new house spending. 
It wasn't quite as gigantic as I had in mind, so I exchanged it yesterday for this BIG OL' BEAUTY!
Mission: Assemble the Bugaboo. 
Smiling for the camera. 
{Insert pregnant chick emotional breakdown here.}
And the final product post-breakdown!
Family Christmas picture. 
{Sweet Grace is wondering what the heck we put her in?!}
 3. After I rested, cried some more, and showered we went over to MM's Aunt Tricia's house for dinner and more Christmas fun. 
MM's great-Grandmother, Lena, made special baby blankets years ago and this one was set aside just for our sweet mini-Martin. 
So special. 
And our LAST Christmas picture without a kiddo!
Hope your Christmas was very, very MERRY!
{And a tad bit less teary!}

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