Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Katiedid give thanks.

November {the month of giving thanks} was one whirlwind of a month!
There were up's, down's, smiles, and tears. 
And I couldn't be more thankful for each and every day. 

From my last post, it's probably blatantly obvious that moving consumed the majority of the month.
But, we did manage to squeeze in 2 family thanksgivings. 

MM's family had a big ol' family reunion at the Italian house on thanksgiving. 
It was a nice afternoon full of family and pasta and meatballs. 
I didn't take any pictures. 
Shame on me.  
Oops, I lied.
Shame on me again. 
MM and I did take our Christmas card picture.
That will be debuted on the blog after they have been sent out.

This was the one year I was actually allowed to "eat for 2."
And preggers mini-Martin needed to feast on the traditional turkey, dressing, and pie. 
So, on Saturday my sweet Momma cooked a full on traditional Thanksgiving dinner all by herself.
Yummy in my tummy. 
Again, no pictures. 
Shame on me x 3.
Truth be told, my non-maternity thanksgiving outfit was a little too tight in a few places. 
Until I ran home and changed into my stretchy pants, I was miserable. 
Smiling for a picture was the last thing on my mind. 

After dinner we played a family game of LCR {left-center-right}.
 Or RLC {right-left-center} as we call it. 
I miraculously won all three of the games we played!
I don't think my family was too thankful all of their dollar bills went into my wallet.
Shame on me x 4.

And because no post is complete without a picture...
Here is the one picture I just can't peel my eyes off of.
I have never been more thankful for anything in my life. 

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Big K Fam said...

What a sweet pic of mini-Martin!!! Praying for a healthy mini-Martin!