Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Katiedid wait.

And patience is not a quality I am known for. 
I am currently sitting at home with mini-Martin happily tucked away inside my tummy for another day. 
Yep, NO arrival took place this weekend. 

I am the "I want, I need, I must have NOW" kind of gal.
And that usually works out in my favor when speaking of material things. 
But, I know my limits. 
I don't waste my time dreaming about things that won't become a reality. 
Mini-Martin's arrival is a reality that is so close I can almost envision every minute of that day. 
I have waited SO long to love on him/her for the first time...
And I just wish that day would arrive already. 
Clearly, its not about MY schedule or comfort anymore.
I get it.  
{But, someone did keep his/her end of our school schedule deal. Keep reading.}

Our precious mini-Martin, 
Whenever you decide to make your debut, there are hundreds of people waiting to meet you. 
You get asked about through texts, tweets, and Facebook daily. 
I know it's getting tight in your current home...
And dancing to The Voice like you did last night outside my belly would be way more fun!
You will undoubtedly be a superstar in our eyes!
We love you so much already!
{Now, please come out.}

Here is what has been going on in our time of waiting. 
We celebrated Holly's 24th Birthday at Sorrento last Thursday. 
{My Canon Rebel refuses to take decent pictures in dim light, so here is the 5 that were clear.}
This little fur ball has been my constant shadow. 
She is too sweet for words. 
We ate spicy foods all weekend long. 
 Friday was Mexican food at Lopez. 
And Saturday was our first crawfish of the season at a new favorite restaurant. 
These darling Baby Legs arrived yesterday. 
Now, where are MY baby's legs?!
 And I have been keeping up with the March Photo a Day fun. 
I post them daily on Twitter. 
{@mrskatemartin if you want to follow.}
March 2nd.
My mid-afternoon pick-me-up and serving of cold fruit.
 March 3rd. 
The view of our neighborhood golf course from my parents balcony.
{For the next few weeks anyway.}
March 4th. 
Mini-Martin's rocker has arrived and is ready for use at his/her bedside. 
Our current bedside. 
{Clearly, baby accessories are taking over our home!}
 March 5th. 
How can you look at these two and not smile?!
And I forgot to mention in my last post that I/we completed ALL of my clinic hours on February 27th. 
In January mini-Martin and I made a deal that he/she would not arrive until those hours were done. 
240 hours in 8 weeks is no small task!
We persevered through major foot swelling, intense back pain, and put in 40+ clinic hour work weeks. 
Thumbs up on our last clinic day!
All I have to do for the remainder of the semester is a few small assignments.
No big deal. 
The BIG deal will be on April 27th when I graduate from the UTMB 
Family Nurse Practitioner Program 
with a
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree.

We have our 40 week OB appointment tomorrow. 
Hopefully, we can establish somewhat of a tentative BIRTHday plan for Mini-Martin. 
I am highly considering being induced early next week. 
This mini-Martin bun is cooked and Momma's oven is ready to be turned off. 
Updates and the bare belly coming tomorrow!

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Kaytee said...

where is this baby??? i am dying. xo