Thursday, March 1, 2012

Katiedid welcome March.

The first day of March has always been all about this beautiful girl. 
She is the sister everyone wants to have. 
The kind that will happily give all she's got and go unrecognized. 
The kind that loves with her family with her whole heart. 
And is the kind that is often happier about the events taking place in your life instead of her own. 
I love you, Doodle!
{And I am pretty sure this 24th year will be your happiest yet!}

The first week of March has been all about this little one for the past 9 months. 
We had our 39 week OB appointment yesterday. 
Mini-Martin is weighing in at 7lbs 8oz. 
While there wasn't any additional "progress" from last week, my doctor is on call this weekend and is predicting a Saturday/Sunday BIRTHday. 
We shall see!

Our family has a rather large Mini-Martin bet going on. 
Here we are a few weeks ago placing our official bets. 
Everyone paid $5 and guessed Mini's gender and weight. 
As a tie breaker you had to pick the time of day/hour Mini would be born. 
I think we are already up to $200ish for the winnings!
{Mama needs only a few more days of growth to win!}

I am going to do my best to participate in the March photo of the day challenge
I haven't quite decided how I am going to blog the photos {weekly, maybe?}. 
Anyway, this is going to be such an exciting month so I wanted to participate. 

Here is UP on Day 1. 
Left- The first thing I do when I get UP everyday. 
Right- Holly's birthday gift with the cutest balloon floating UP in the air. 

In other March news. 
My parents are officially owners of their fantastic new {dream} house. 
No worries. It's still less than 2 miles away from us.
But, this house full of memories will be making its way onto HAR and day now. 
I am so excited for them!

Now, I must get UP off my big ol' booty and take care of other BIRTHday and moving business. 
March, we are so happy you are here!

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The Keierleber Characters said...

so excited to see if mini is Gavin or Emme!