Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emmedid the half.

I just couldn't let the HALF birthday slide by without a little party...
And having angel Emme Kate in our lives for HALF of a year definitely calls for a celebration!
In addition, keeping a baby alive for SIX months and Glamma and Papa's happy homecoming was definitely cake worthy!

Here is just about every detail of September 8th...
The good morning pictures of our favorite ice-cream flavor!
Mid-morning jog with Momma.
Afternoon nap time with Dada.
Uncle Michael was in town and spent his entire morning and afternoon stuck in our kitchen cooking away. 
His one-of-a-kind authentic Louisiana style gumbo. 
Perfection in a pot!
The HALF of a heart cakes. 
Happy Home Grz's and Happy 1/2 Emme. 
I wanted Em's first cake to be one that I made. Not too shabby for my first attempt at cake baking.   
A few goodies. 
The growing little lady needed most of them anyway. 
Momma got a little snap happy. 
No way!
SIX month old princess.  
 Hey there, feet.
 Hey there, thighs.
 Reunited and it feels SO good!
Emme meets the sippy cup!
 Near death experience. Ha.
6 months as a family!
The Martin girls.
 Mid-party wardrobe change for the TTU game.
 Wreck Em!
 Game time with my bestie.
Reading with the Gram's.

Sweet potato crowns and high heels for my favorite girl!
First food!
Going for it...
Taste test...
Bigger bite...
 "Are you trying to kill me?!"
 Try, try again.
"This is pretty yummy, Momma!"
 Present time.
 Hey, Hazel.
 The girl loves clothes.
 Happy 1/2!
We couldn't wish for anything more, Emme Kate!

It was love at first sight...
And it has been our favorite HALF of a year yet! 

And here is a peek at Miss Emme's SIX month photos by Cristin {an adorable family friend} of Jacqueline Mclaine Photography. I can't get enough of this blue eyed baby girl! And the baby bubbles... 
When I get all the photos you better believe there will be a blog post featuring every single shot!


Big K Fam said...

what a gorgeous baby girl!! CK uses those tommee tippee sippy cups (and bottles)...you can buy regular bottle nipples and use it in the sippy cup. It will slow the flow. It helped CK learn how to hold his bottle and drink from a cup.

Joanna said...

so cute!! I love that pink chair looks so comfy too

Kaytee said...

love this post!! she's getting oh so big!!! xo

The Rings said...

So fun! We did a half birthday too (I posted on my blog) and it was a great way to celebrate with the fam. Happy 1/2 Emme Kate!