Monday, September 17, 2012

Emmedid turn SIX months.

Happy HALF birthday, darling Emme Kate.
I love you with my WHOLE heart. 

Twenty four week photo shoot. 
Six month photo shoot. 
Pretty, pretty princess. 
6 month appointment. 
You weighed 15 lbs 6 oz {37%} and were 25 inches {23%} long. 
Hi, Auntie Ashley.
Sweet little leggies with sparkle bandaids. 
Perfectly healthy baby girl. 

Emmedid grow. 
-I know this is my sixth time to say this... But, you change SO much every month! I love witnessing each new thing you do and am incredibly blessed to be able to spend almost every second with you.
-You are pretty much only wearing 6 month clothes. However, I am still squeezing you into a few 3 month onesies and footie pj's. Your shoes vary between size 1 and 2... You really don't like wearing any at all and it takes a diligent effort to keep them on your feet.
-You are still in size 3 diapers and have the cutest little hiney I ever did see!
-During the day you are still nursing just about every 3 hours and only "on demand" at night. You a sure have been demanding more and more, little lady!
-The last 3 weeks of this month you were waking up just about every three hours... You would nurse, I would change your diaper, and back to sleep you would go. I attributed the night time wakings to a 6 month growth spurt, but at your 6 month appointment Dr. Johnson thought otherwise.
{You will see BIG sleep time changes in the 7 month post.}
-Our Magic Sleepsuit obviously was not all that magical this month.
-You are really teething and getting pretty stinkin' aggressive with your chew toys. Oh yeah, you are quite the little screamer too. 
-We gave you your first food on your 6 month birthday. That deserves a post all of its own.  
-You are very aware of when I leave a room. And most of the time you don't like it.
-You are grabbing at everything! Your favorites include my iPhone, coffee mug, and necklaces. 
-We gave Daddy a Royal Dirty Thirty party and had tons of dirty fun. 
-This month you went to your first baseball game. Good thing it was the Sugar Land Skeeters and close to home because we didn't stay long. You were fussy and it was pretty hot and uncomfortable outside.
-You splashed around in Glamma and Papa's new pool. 
-We still love our jogging time together. We have even ran {literally!} to get dinner a few times. 
-We stayed at home a lot and took care of Glamma and Papa's dogs while they were in Europe for 3 weeks. It was kind of a zoo, but we got to play at home a lot. 
-Auntie Holly came over frequently and played too. 
-You and Gracie Goo are becoming quite close. She keeps you clean and spit-up free!
-You are starting to interact more with your little friends. Walker and Hazel are a few of your favorites!
-Auntie Holly went out of town for a few days and we sent her a special video. Your favorite new trick is featured at the end!
-You are attempting to crawl... Just gotta get up on those knees, sister. 
We watched Daddy's basketball team win his league championship.  
-You are the cutest little girl I have ever laid my eyes on. 
-You happen to love when I sing the Barney song to you. It always makes you smile! Obviously you haven't learned that I have the worst voice in the world. 

Happy HALF Birthday, angel Emme Kate!
The party post is up next!


Francis said...

She is precious and they just grow up so fast!

Laura said...

Her little smiles are just adorable!!!

the kemps said...

She is so adorable!!!

Danny said...
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Joanna said...

oh my goodness shes so cute! and only a few days apart from my Sienna :) Happy 6 months!