Friday, September 7, 2012

Katiedid disbelief.

I can not believe this little nugget of pure JOY will be turning 6 months old tomorrow! 
Yesterday I had one of "those" moments. 
You know, the moment where time simply stops and your heart seems to burst with happiness. 
I was rocking Emme before her afternoon nap and she looked at me, smiled, and started laughing the sweetest little laugh. I joined in with her laughter and we literally giggled together {at nothing!} for five minutes. 
She is simply amazing. 
And all mine.
"Lucky" could never say enough. 

Just to see how far we have come, here are a few videos from our mini-Martin/Emme Kate journey!
We are pregnant.
Maternity photos. 
Newborn photos. 

We made it to Friday!
Our weekend will be spent celebrating {and feeding!} our favorite little girl, the return of my sweet parents, and the Texans playing their first football game of the season! Have a happy one!

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The Rings said...

What a doll! I am thinking of having a "half birthday" for my son Emerson next month. Nothing too elaborate, but I think it would be fun and silly! Hope you do a post on Emme's 1/2 birthday if y'all do something special!