Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Katiedid this week.

It is Wednesday. 
All we want to do in this house is make it through the week. 

So far, I am on day 13 out of 17 of taking care of 3 dogs and 1 almost 6 month old {stop it!} baby. 
It is way harder and a million times more demanding than I ever expected. 
I am losing my mind keeping up with who has eaten, who hasn't eaten, who needs to go outside, who needs a diaper changed, who needs a nap, who's barking during nap time, and navigating my way through a house full of baby toys, dog toys, baby beds, and dog beds. 
I am over it. 
And I want out of my house. 
Which is not happening any time soon because:
1. Our washing machine broke while I was washing dog beds yesterday and flooded the laundry room. The plumber is coming this afternoon to fix it. 
2. The AC in the play room is not working again. 
3. I diagnosed my husband with SHINGLES and sent him to the ER last night at 11:30 to get the needed antivirals. He then spent the night in my parents vacant home to stay away from our UNVACCINATED daughter. I am continuously praying the chicken pox stay far, far away. 

During our quality home time the past few weeks I have been reading the Baby-Led Weaning book. I am so excited to make sweet baby Emme her first "meal" this weekend. 

I have been testing out my DIY skills during nap time. First wreath and bow making session was a small success!

Emme is scooting her little self all over the place. Between scooting and rolling, this little Miss can make it from one side of the room to the other in no time! All she needs to do is get on her knees and lift up her tooshie and she will be crawling! This Momma is not ready for that. 

Emme has been learning new tricks and screaming up a storm.

I have been half-way hunting for a part-time FNP job and have a few different potentials. I am not sure if one {or any!} is THE job... And the harder I look, the more sad about leaving Emme I get. 

I have been trying to plan a small half {6 month} birthday party on Saturday... But, you know not much out of the house action is happening. 

And while it may seem like I am complaining...
I love this crazy, tragic, 
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life!
And wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world.

Happy hump day!
And cheers to a fantastic {and healthy!} rest of the week! 


The Moon & Me said...

OH MY WORD chicken pox are my worst nightmare! I'm an elementary counselor and I strip at the door. Ugh! I'm going to have to check out that book.

The Rings said...

Found your blog through Meredith's, I actually went to school with your sister! Small world! Anyways my husband got shingles last year which I thought was so odd for someone in their late 20's, I guess I just associated shingles with the elderly? Anyway hope he feels better soon - completely feel ya on going a little stir crazy at home! LOL