Monday, October 15, 2012

Emmedid turn SEVEN months.

Emme Kate, 
We are so in love with the itty-bitty baby you were and the on-the-go little girl you are becoming. 

Seven month photo shoot. 
 Emmedid grow.
-This has been your biggest month of growth yet, Miss Emme! You are becoming more and more of a little person each and every day. I am totally smitten!
-I mentioned in your six month post that you had been waking up every 3 hours at night for about 3 weeks. At your six month check-up your doctor said there was really no need for multiple night-time feedings and we should try to get you down to only once a night... So, we did the cry-it-out method for about 2 weeks. It was BRUTAL. My heart would break every time I laid you in your crib. I kept telling myself it was for the "best for both of us." We both need quality uninterrupted sleep in order to thrive each day. You now only wake up around 2 or 3 am for a middle of the night feeding. 
-When we started the cry-it-out sleep training we also stopped using the Magic Sleepsuit. It took you a few days to adjust... But, if we were going to change one thing, we night as well change it all.
-Your doctor also recommended giving you a stuffed animal to sleep with for extra comfort/security. You now sleep with "Lambie Lovie" and absolutely love her. It is precious.
-Since we wanted you to sleep longer throughout the night, we also adopted a new daytime schedule. We follow the one recommended by Moms on Call. A typical day goes somewhat like this: Wake up at 730-8 am, milk feeding, play time, breakfast around 9, mid-morning nap around 10, wake up around 11, milk feeding, play, lunch around 1230, afternoon nap around 1, wake up around 3, milk feeding, play, short 30 min nap around 5, play, dinner around 630, bath, milk feeding, and bedtime around 8. We get out and do errands, shop, visit friends or jog typically before lunch or after the long afternoon nap.
-Your morning smiles are my absolute favorite.
-This has been your first month of eating solids and we LOVE Baby Led Weaning! It has been so amazing to watch you learn how to feed yourself and discover all the yummy deliciousness food has to offer.
Your favorites include:
Roasted apples
{in which you insist on feeding yourself!}
And french toast. 
{Yep, that's you double fisting it into your mouth!}
We even fed you your first bratwurst. It wasn't your favorite... But, it's one of those things you will grow to love. 
-You are wearing mostly 6 month and some 9 month clothes.
-We put you in size 3 diapers during the day and 4's at night. 
-You are now able to sit in the stroller like a big girl. No more infant carrier!
-And you also get to shop like a little lady. You love it!
 -I got you new rugs for the playroom. We spend lots of time laughing and lounging in there!
-You spend most mornings on your laptop or iPad.  
-You started this month out by rolling and scooting everywhere...
-And you ended this month by CRAWLING and pulling up on things. 
-You have started being "shy Emme." When I am holding you and someone starts talking to you, you turn away and rest your sweet little head on my shoulder. I happen to LOVE "shy Emme" and the extra cuddling Mommy gets. 
-You "blow bubbles" {or do this spitting sort of thing} ALL the time. Here you are doing it while eating sweet potato's...
-You have 385768909485 toys and a water bottle is your favorite one. 
 -Bow's are no longer our friends. You typically rip them off the second I put them on your head. They are also not allowed in the car because too many times I have turned around and seen a screaming baby with a bow on her face. I would hate for you to lose an eye over something so silly! 
 -We celebrated Glamma's birthday. 
 -Had lots of fun with the newly brunette Auntie Holly.
-Traveled to Dallas for a little stay-cation. 
-Visited the pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum. 
{post coming soon!}
-And have spent lots of time rooting on our favorite football teams!
Go Texans!
Gotta root for the Packers too!

You are such a pumpkin precious Emme Kate! Happy 7 months!

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