Thursday, December 6, 2012

Katiedid + Emmedid Thanksgiving 2012.

This year THANKFUL has a whole new meaning. 
I am most thankful that Emme is healthy, thriving and full of personality. 
I am thankful for my incredibly handsome husband that loves and supports his girls in every way. 
And I am thankful for an incredible family that is so present in all we do. 

Thanksgiving 2012.
Having little Emme around was the highlight of my day. No surprise, right?! 
My little turkey and I started our day by running our little tails off in our first 10K. She was pretty stinkin' cute for being up earlier than usual!
We made this handprint turkey onesie the day before. It turned out pretty cute but definitely was almost a disaster! Anything Em touches usually goes right into her mouth... Yikes! It's a cute keepsake and the first handprint craft we have done. 
 Pre-race picture.
It was by far our fastest run yet! Thanks Alan for making us keep up with you!
After the race we ate, rested, and waited for Daddy to get home from his week long hunting trip in Wisconsin. I love this almost naked little girl!
 Turkey Day outfit. 
Pictures with Daddy and Mommy. 
 Play time with cousins and Emme's first Thanksgiving dinner. 
We are so thankful for all of our blessings! 

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Big K Fam said...

Emme is so stinking cute! P.S. I wish I loved running like you do!!