Monday, March 25, 2013

Emmedid celebrate her FIRST birthday.

We made your FIRST birthday all about you, Emme Kate.
As it should be. 
We had a general day plan that included some family fun, but for the most part we were not on a schedule and just let you do what you wanted to. 
You woke up, enjoyed your morning "baba" and had a little play time with Daddy and Bitty.  
We had a birthday blueberry muffin at your favorite location.
You practiced our walking skills in the backyard. 
Clearly, someone else thought it was her day too. 
We took a few family birthday pictures. 
 And gave your 12 month pictures a good attempt. 
We headed out to the rodeo and basically had the place to ourselves!
We watched a little Mutton Bustin' and discussed your future ride. 
Training starts tomorrow, cowgirl. 
I kid, I kid. 
 We fed you your first authentic rodeo corndog. 
Watched the pig races. 
And took in the sights {and smells!} of all the animals. 
You are such a little lovie and seriously hugged the bunny!
You had lots of stroller smiles and a short stroller snooze. 
 After our family rodeo fun we met Glamma and Papa at Lopez for a small birthday dinner. 
You only love Glams and Papa a little bit. 
Fast forward 20 years. 
The truth is, you love putting your mouth on bottles and would NOT let anyone take it away. 
{It was empty, of course!}
Feliz Cumpleanos, Emme Kate!
Gimme that sombrero, Daddy!
Got it!
We ended the day by giving you all sorts of goodies. 
And letting you dig into a homemade birthday cupcake and ice cream. 
You sure do love sweets, little sweetheart!
We had the best time celebrating you, Emme Kate!
The BIG party posts will be done by the end of the week!

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