Monday, March 11, 2013

Emmedid WALK. {For yogurt melts.}

Yesterday morning, at one year and two days old, Ems took her first itty-bitty consecutive steps!
It took some enticing and she's still pretty wobbly...
But, it was several steps in a row!

It's pretty ironic because the night before we were talking about how you define "walking."
Just a few steps, walking sometimes/crawling sometimes, or walking all of the time?
I guess there is no concrete answer so we are putting these steps down as the "first" ones. 
Pretty adorable, right?
Let the chasing begin! 


Annie said...

Hurray for Emme!

Ivy said...

So cute!! She's good! She'll be running tomorrow!

Sarah Ring said...

That's definitely walking, no question about it! Emerson took his first steps, but I wouldn't say he's "walking" yet. Can't wait!

Rachel Easley said...

Ran across your blog from Meredith T's cute!! My little guy didn't start really walking till 2 months ago. He's 16 months. But he is practically running everywhere now! Happy Sunday!!