Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emmedid turn TWELVE months.

I am still in disbelief over how it has been TWELVE months since I held you in my arms for the first time. 
That sweet day my heart grew more than I ever thought possible. 
And since that day, with each laugh, smile, facial expression or new milestone, I continue to love you more and more. 
You have transformed our hearts, our lives and our marriage to be happier than we ever could have dreamed. 

Twelve month photo shoot. 
You sure do have a mind of your own these days!
It's precious and definitely keeps us on our toes.
Not looking at the camera, pulling off your "pretties" and going ALL over the place.
Here is a big ONE. 
A cheezy smile. 
And the cutest pouty face I ever did see!

Twelve month appointment. 
This was the only picture I took. 
You were either screaming, crying giant tears or clinging tightly to my neck the rest of the time. 
We followed Auntie Ashley to her new doctor's office and really like your new pediatrician. 
She said you were absolutely perfect and gave us some tips about starting whole milk and decreasing nighttime wakings.
You weighed 19 lbs 2 oz (40%) and were 29 in (44%) long. 
Such a petite but proportionate little lady you are. 
We ended our visit with 3 shots, more screaming and red Tylenol all over both of us. 
It was tons of fun!

Emmedid grow. 
-Your adorable little personality continued to blossom this month and you have turned into quite the little baby babblier. You frequently carry on lengthy conversations with everyone, yourself included.
-In addition to the baby babble, you can say "dada," "wawa"/water, "baba"/bottle, "hot," "go," "ey"/hi, "bye," "no" (always a fun one!) and "raff-raff"/giraffe in your room. "Mama" is being said more and more too. Yay!
-You have learned more animal noises this month. You say "ah-ah" like a dog, "rarrrrr" like a bear and "mmmmmo" like a cow. You love your Peekaboo Barn app and we do it everyday. I know one day soon you will know all of them!
-Your favorite foods include yogurt, yogurt melts, cheese, peas, noodles, puffs, goldfish and pita chips.  Your favorite food this month was BANANA'S. You eat a whole one each day. Some meals you have 2 bites, some meals you have 20 bites. I try to not focus too much on quantities and just feed you several snacks throughout the day.
-You have started to chew your food for a few seconds and then spit it out. I don't know why. And again, I'm trying not to worry about it...
-We may or may not share a bowl of ice cream every night when Daddy is traveling for work. We both love sweets and it's our secret little tradition.
-You are still LOVING formula and taking 6 oz bottles 4-5 times throughout the day.
-You generally go to sleep between 830 and 930 pm are still waking up once per night. Usually between 1 and 3 am. I give you a bottle and you go right back to sleep. You usually wake up in the morning around 830.
-The Cry It Out (CIO) method is overrated... You will sleep consistently throughout the night one day... I know it! Until then, I'm getting up with you. Luckily, I got "over" sleep a long time ago!
-You usually take a 1-2 hour morning nap and a 1-2 hour afternoon nap. When we are busy we will skip the am nap and you will sleep 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Clearly, we don't stick to strict schedule and I like it that way!
-You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes (the 9 month ones still fit but the pants and pj's are a tad short), size 3 shoes and size 3 diapers.
-You have now have SEVEN teeth. 4 upper and 3 lower ones.
-You have hair! More and more blonde strands are appearing each day.
-You are finicky about bath time again. Some days you love it, some days you hate it... We have started giving you "big girl" baths without the little tub thing and you seem to like those better.
-You do the funniest little "tricks!" Still do your lizard (stick out your tongue), wave hi/bye, blow kisses (you are a pro now!), do the Home Alone "ahhhhh!," and now started blowing your nose. You make the noise with your mouth while holding a tissue to your nose. It's hilarious!
You also tell Gracie to "shhhhhhhh" while holding your finger up to your lips. Again, hilarious!
And another trick you learned this month was to turn on the water in our bathtub. It is a win/lose situation. A win because it entertains you while I am getting ready, and a lose because you and my bathroom are a wet mess afterwards. 
-You love, love, LOVE being outside. You would live out there if I let you! Since the weather has been so nice lately, we do lots of picnic's outside.
-You are still pointing at anything and everything. It's fun to tell you all about your surroundings!
-You are still a master at maneuvering your walker! No real steps yet... But, they are just days away!
-You have started standing on your own! And are so proud!
-You are becoming quite the little helper. I love it!
-You love to play! And occasionally sit back, relax and watch tv in your house. 
-We share the same sense of style. Like mother, like daughter!
-You love baby dolls! You kiss, hug and cuddle them constantly. 
-We still jog together a lot. Well, I jog and you snooze.
-Shopping together is always an adventure! I now have to let you be "free" every hour or so. When you want out of the stroller, you want OUT. 
-We celebrated your first Valentines Day. 
-You said the HARDEST goodbye to Auntie Holly. 
-We lunched with friends. You are getting better in restaurants, by the way!
-We surprised Daddy and decorated his office while he was out of town. He was so thankful!
-You always have so much fun with Glamma and Papa!
-We had your first birthday party. Blog post to come!
-And we celebrated your first birthday! (Which included your first trip to the rodeo!) It was tons of fun! Again, blog post to come. 

We have cherished every moment during the past TWELVE months. 
You are our biggest blessing, Emme Kate. 
{Sneak peak of the party photo's!}

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