Friday, April 27, 2012

Emmedid have firsts. {1}

Like any new Mommy, I want to document every little thing Emme does for the first time. 
I am predicting I will have a few hundred {or more!} of these "firsts" posts. 
Yay for a camera happy Mommy!
Here are the special firsts during Emme's first few weeks of life. 

First family walk.
First car trip alone with Mommy. 
We went to Glamma and Papa's new house. 

First sponge bath later that day. 
Glamma helped us clueless first timers!

First trip to Target.
We went after your two week appointment at the pediatrician.
You were perfect. Mommy needed the babysitter!
She lost and {thankfully found!} her phone.
First sunset at Glamma and Papa's new house.
First St. Patty's Day.
 It was a hard day of partying.
First shopping trip with Daddy. 
{We went to DSW.}
First bottle feeding. 
I let Daddy give it to you since you are all mine during the usual feedings. 
First crawfish boil and dinner at Lomontes.
First Mommy-daughter walk together. 
Daddy was out of town on his first business trip since you were born.
We successfully made it at home alone together for 3 days!
Sharing in these firsts has been the highlight of my life! 

We are headed to your first Graduation ceremony today!
Momma is graduating with her Masters of Science in Nursing.
When I was pregnant with you, Daddy always said mini-Martin made me even smarter.
I couldn't agree more and I am SO happy we did it together!
I love you, baby Emme!!

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Big K Fam said...

You are one cute Momma!! You look fantastic for just having a baby! =)