Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Emmedid turn ONE and TWO weeks.

Heading to your first trip to the pediatrician. 
Auntie Ashley is your FAVORITE nurse.
She loves you oh so much!
You weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and had gained all your birth weight back PLUS 6 oz. 
 Such a perfect healthy little girl. 
 Week ONE photo shoot. 

Smiling girls. 
Before your two week appointment at the pediatrician, we met Daddy for lunch. 
You weighed 8 lbs 7 oz and were 21.25 inches long. 
 Auntie Ashley had to stick your little heel for the Newborn Screen.
We both were a little teary!
We got the go ahead to start tummy time! 
Week TWO photo shoot.
Playing with Glamma after picture time. 
 Big sister is finally warming up to you.
Emmedid grow. 
-From day one you have been an excellent nurser. It was more of an adjustment for Mommy than you!
-You are typically nursing every 2-3 hours, just as expected.
-You spit up ALL the time. But, I think it's because you love to eat and take in more than your tiny tummy can handle.
-On the "tummy" topic, you have your Daddy's. We will just leave it at that.
-At first, you were not big on being swaddled at night. But, I remained persistent and now I think you love it!
-When we take you out of your SwaddleMe wrap in the morning you always stretch your little arms. We say, "SO BIG!" and kiss you no less than a hundred times.
-I made up a little song just for you. The Mommy who NEVER sings, now sings to you. I taught it to Daddy too.
-You tend to like your bouncer better than the swing. However, I say you have a "time limit" in both. After 20 minutes you start to get fussy and I go get you out.
-You are warming up to tummy time. You don't love it, you don't hate it.
-You are a pacifier kid and I LOVE that. In the hospital the lactation consultant made me feel like I was an awful mother for giving you one. The pediatrician said that she was crazy and to go ahead and let you suck away! Trust me, you know the difference between which nipple gives you milk. Ha.
-Your right little tear duct was clogged for about a week. After I massaged it for a few days it opened right up!
-We started you on Vitamin D supplements and you are a champ at taking it.
-You scream during bath time. It's a ton of fun for all of us!
-I am getting more comfortable with you sleeping at night and my fears about you stopping breathing have decreased a little.  I think I am just too sleep deprived to keep waking up every 10 minutes to check on you!
-It's crazy how much sleep you need, and how little sleep I need.
-Your Daddy and I think every single squirm and squeak you make is the coolest thing ever.

Everyday is a joy with you, Emme Kate. 
I couldn't love being your Mommy any more!

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