Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emmedid turn THREE and FOUR weeks.

Week THREE photo shoot. 
Week FOUR photo shoot. 
Sleepy Emme. Screaming Emme. 
Mommy makes it all better. 
 Emmedid grow.
-You are still a perfect eater and continue to finish each feeding with gigantic spit-ups. We typically go through 5-6 burpers and 3 outfits each day. 
{Mommy does LOTS of laundry!}
-You have amazingly established your own eating-sleeping schedule and I think it is pretty fabulous. Typically you get hungry every 3 hours during the day and 4-4.5 hours during the night. At your 2 week appointment the pediatrician said it was not necessary to wake you up to feed you at night since you have been steadily gaining weight. Thanks for being such a PEACEful little baby!
-You are sleeping great in the bassinet next to our bed and I am even starting to sleep better as well. Shocking. 
-Your umbilical cord fell off a few days before you turned 3 weeks old and we are now giving you real baths in a mini-tub thingy. You still don't find them relaxing by any means!
-On the weekends Daddy will get up early with you so I can sleep a few more hours. You all sing and dance to music on Pandora. Daddy says the Bruno Mars station is your favorite. He is also superman and can distract you from getting hungry/fussy for an insane amount of time. I know you both love this special father-daugther time!
 -Mommy could hold you all day and kiss you millions of times. And she does!
-You have become so much more alert during these 2 weeks! Your facial expressions absolutely kill me and we think you are going to have quite a BIG personality. 
-Around week 3 you were having 4+ "blow-outs" a day. We thought it was our diapering skills, but we ended up moving you up to size 1 diapers and that fixed the dirty problem. 
-Mommy had a NP board review course for 3 whole days and Daddy and Glamma did a fabulous job of taking care of you. I am sure being separated was more traumatic for me than you! 
-You are an absolute angel during shopping trips with Mommy. You will stay sound asleep in your car seat for hours!

 I'll finish this post with a little verse from my song to you...
 You are the most precious girl, little Emme.
And we love you! 

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Lauren said...

She is just too cute for words!