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Katiedid write Emme Kate's BIRTHday story.

I suppose since my sweet baby is nearly SIX weeks old and I am completely done with all of the school work I have strategically been putting off for weeks... I need to knock this post out. 
Truth be told, I have been totally intimidated to write about this amazing day. 
 How can I even begin to try to put into words all of the incredible emotions we experienced?
 I will never ever be able to accurately describe how much we LOVED that sweet day.
 But, to preserve these special memories I am going to give it my best shot.
I believe most of the pictures will convey exactly what we were feeling. 

I ended my last post insinuating that our BIRTHday plans and Miss Mini-Martin's BIRTHday plans were a wee bit different. 
Actually, they were totally different. 

Our plans.
At our 40 week appointment on March 7th {my due date}, my doctor gave us a little itinerary about what to expect for that night/the next day.

9 pm: Check into labor and delivery. 
11 pm: Insert Cervidil/cervix ripening medication. 
11 pm-6 am: Sleep. 
6 am: I wake up and get ready for the day. 
{Apply make-up, waterproof mascara, and put on cute delivery gown. Ha!}
6:30 am: Break water. 
7:30 am: Start Pitocin/contraction inducing medication. 
Morning-ish: Parent's arrive.
Lunch-ish: Other family members arrive.
3-ish: Mini-Martin is born!

Miss Mini-Martin's plans.
This is how it really went.
If you don't like details, don't read this.
It's MY blog and I want to remember every minute of this day!

9 pm: Checked into labor and delivery. I had the sweetest nurse, Danielle. She was not aware of Miss Mini-Martin's plans either. She she had the easy job... "Just prepping me for tomorrow afternoon." Right. 
11:30 pm: Resident inserted Cervidil.
1.5 cm, 40-50% effaced. 
12 pm- 3 am: Continuous tossing/turning and cramping started. Poor Danielle was coming in and out of the room every 15 minutes when I would roll over or go to the bathroom. MM was sound asleep. I'm glad someone was sleeping! 
3:30 am: I heard and felt a loud POP. Literally, I thought Mini's head hit something in my pelvis. I woke up MM, he got Danielle, I stood up, and then the clear fluid started flowing. Yep, that was my water! It broke all on its own.
3:40 am: Resident removed Cervidil.
2 cm, 80% effaced.
3:45 am: The contractions started. And they were super strong and pretty much back to back.
I kept asking MM, "Where are my 2 minutes in between these crazy things?!"
4 am: Danielle came to check on me and said my contractions were "booming away!" You are telling me?! Literally, a contraction feels like your entire abdomen is totally on fire. NOT FUN.
And the whole "get up and apply makeup" idea was quickly tossed to the curb. I wasn't getting up to go anywhere! {I thought Auntie Holly could "make me up" in bed when she arrived. Ha.}
Danielle asked if I wanted IV pain meds {Demerol and Phenergan} or an epidural. There was NO way I was going to make it to 10 cm without an epidural and I actually wanted to remember meeting the baby I had waited forever and a day to see. Those medications would knock this girl out for a year!  Also, I had no desire to be superwoman and make this experience miserable for everyone. So, she called the anesthesiologist.
4:25 am: After a long conversation {and reassurance that I would FOR SURE be able to walk again} the anesthesiologist put in the epidural. The anesthesiologist said the epidural typically slows down labor and that is what they wanted so my doctor could be there for the delivery. MM went out of the room to call our family and alert them things were progressing a little faster than planned.
4:45 am: I could still feel contractions on my right side. Weird, right?! The anesthesiologist said to lay on my right side and push the PCA button to allow more medication to penetrate that area.
I rolled to the right and pushed that button a good 100+ times.
5:05 am: It worked! I was all numb! I even asked for the medication to be turned off because my legs were super heavy feeling and my head felt a bit foggy. I was quickly reassured that was not the best plan!
5:40 am: Glamma and Auntie Holly arrived. Thank goodness Holly convinced my Mom to stay at her house close by and that they skipped showering that morning! I was still pain free and feeling like a million bucks. MM would look at the monitor and be like, "there is another contraction." I was clueless. Surely, having a baby shouldn't be so painless. All I was feeling was "pressure" down low. The resident came back to check the progress and...
6 cm, 100% effaced.
Everyone was shocked! The epidural surely wasn't slowing anything down. The resident called my doctor and told her the status. She said she would hurry to the hospital.
MM asked if he could make a quick Starbucks run for everyone. The resident said he better stay put. Things were moving entirely too fast for a first delivery!
Auntie Holly then quickly dressed me in my cute hospital gown while I was laying in bed. I was way too excited at this point to even consider actually applying makeup. I could be a Momma in a matter of minutes!
6 am: Papa and MM's dad arrived. I was still feeling like a rockstar in labor, but there was more "pressure" down below. The resident was informed and came back to do another check...
10 cm and Mini-Martin was ready to exit!
The expression on the resident's face was priceless. Kinda like, "Oh my goodness! This is going to get crazy!" She immediately called my doctor from her cell phone in my room and told her to hurry a little faster. My doctor said she was running red lights in the Med Center traffic! {The Med Center is basically a parking lot at 6 am with hundreds of professionals heading into work.} The resident also called in her attending physician along with a little more back-up just in case.
6:15 am: I was laying in bed with my legs crossed and waiting on my doctor. No joke! I was also surrounded by a whole team of people ready to deliver Mini-Martin at a moment's notice. We were making small talk, joking around, and laughing to distract me from the huge urge to push this little one out. At one point I did get slightly concerned that the "holding pattern" was causing some sort of harm to Mini. I was quickly reassured everything was a-ok!
6:20 am: My doctor dashed into the room, threw on her gown, gave me a big hug, and said, "Lets have this baby!" She was just as excited as we were to finally meet Mister or Miss Mini-Martin.
6:36 am: After pushing through a total of THREE contractions...
Emme Kate Martin was born!

Picture time. 
10 cm and ready to go!
There was once only two of us...
Group photo.
{Danielle, the resident, me, MM, and Glamma}
I almost forgot to give THE DADDY his surprise!
Papa made it just in time!
My doctor is the greatest! She covered up all of the "parts" as Emme was being born. Once she was completely out she held her up for all to see and said, "It's a GIRL!"
It was EXACTLY how I had dreamed about meeting our little one for the first time.
{Just like in the movies!}
There was not a dry eye in the entire room! 

There are no words for this kind of happiness. 
I remember seeing Emme for the first time and then tearfully saying, "I LOVE HER!" 
over, and over, and over again. 
One AMAZING lady. 
Little Emme, you have my whole heart for my whole life. 
Proud Daddy. 
The cry that made me completely melt.
Every little girl needs a big bow on her BIRTHday. 
I could not love her more. 
No way, no how. 
The rest of the family arrived shortly after Emme was born. 
Sweet nurses have a special place in heaven reserved just for them!
Papa and Grammy. 
Little Miss found her thumb on day one!
First bath. 
Goodies from Miss Mini-Martin. 
About an hour after Em was born I was up, walking, and feeling like an amazing new Momma so we were moved to our postpartum room. 
Emme's first present from her Daddy. 
This giraffe was in the hospital gift shop we walked past before every doctor appointment. 
I would always mention how awesome that giraffe was!
Sweet Daddy thought it was the perfect BIRTHday present.
Daddy's first diaper change. 
Proudest Glamma and Papa ever!
We spent 2 more days in the hospital. 
Those days were consumed with falling even more in love with our baby girl!
Special skin-to-skin time.  
We also had hundreds of visitors! 
Because we were so busy chatting and taking pictures of Emme, I completely forgot to take pictures of everyone else. Boo!
We did manage to get one of Emme and Uncle Sauce.
Not for one second, do I believe I was just "lucky" to have such an EASY, uneventful labor.
 {If you do the math, I was in labor for a total of THREE hours and required no other induction medications besides the Cervidil.} 
Early on in my pregnancy I started diligently praying these prayers to St. Gerard Majella, the patron saint of expectant mothers. In a time when I couldn't control any outcome, I quickly found comfort and peace through diligently praying these prayers. 
After one tearful doctor appointment we bought the stuffed green alligator that is in a few of the pictures above. I fittingly named him Gerard and slept with him every single night. Gerard will be Emme's first stuffed animal and bring her just as much comfort and protection as he brought me. 
I am forever grateful for all of God and St. Gerard's precious blessings!

"I have this paci thing all figured out, Mom!"
And because you made it to the end of this record long {but oh so important!} post here is one last funny but TRUE side story:
I had made a little "labor music mix" which consisted of mostly my favorite songs. All but one {Niggas in Paris by Kanye and Jay-Z} were sweet little love songs. I included it because the lyrics made me laugh and I thought laughing may be needed that day... Little did I know, my child would be BORN to that song. Yep, that happened.  It did make everyone stop crying and laugh for a split second. However, the giggles quickly turned to tears again once Miss Emme made her grand appearance!

We couldn't love you more, Emme Kate Martin.
You are the most adorable baby girl and the absolute light of our lives!

Up next, I have a precious new addition to the blog!
Bet you can't guess what/who it is? 


The Lenz Family said...

Wow! Such an amazing gift and story! Seriously trying to dry my eyes now! Thank you so much for sharing and again congratulations on your family of three! Xoxo

Molly Dorsey said...

Katie - this is such a great story and one that you all with treasure forever. I love the picture where you first saw her. Can't wait wait to meet her!