Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Emmedid turn TEN weeks.

After this post I will finally be caught up to Emme's actual age.
I guess our Emmedid monthly routine will be monthly posts and one post mid-month. 
I think I can handle that from here on out. 

Ten week photo shoot. 

Emmedid grow. 
-We think you may be a little "lefty." You always move your left arm when you get excited or reach for something. 
-You have started grasping things. The first time I saw you do it we were jogging and you took your burpie/Mommy's sweat towel and covered your face. 
-You have finally stopped getting the hiccups EVERY day. Now, it's usually more like every other day. I figured I should post this video of you hiccuping because you have done it so frequently during your little life. I'm really trying to get you to talk...but whatever. 
-You are getting really strong and wiggling out of your swaddle. I still try to keep you strapped in because you are a pretty good nighttime sleeper. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep you in!
I love to snuggle with you in our bed after your early morning/6am feedings. We usually fall back asleep for a few hours. Don't tell!
-We put you in your high chair for the first time. It has been sitting in the kitchen with the big bow still attached ever since we got it at your last shower. You look so tiny in it!
-You are still wearing size 1 diapers. I think you could move up to size 2 but I recently bought a box of  234 1's so we are going to hang out in those for a while longer. 
-You have this new "pick me up Mommy" cry/whine/squeal. 
-Your eyes are getting so blue. Gorgeous!
 -We are getting pretty comfortable toting you around. 
A. Lenz crawfish boil. We stayed til almost midnight. You were perfect all night!
 B. Late night shopping trips with Mommy. Where I go, you go too. I LOVE IT. 
 C. Shopping with Mommy at Nordstrom. You already are in love with purses. I wonder who you get that from?
 -I still take hundreds of pictures of you each day. Nothing new. 
It's so hard to believe you will be THREE months old in a few days. 
We love you more and more each day!
How that is even possible, I don't know. But, it happens. 


the tichenor family said...

Katie, she's so precious! I am LOVING those thighs in her ten week photos-- so cute! :) Your posts are so sweet, I can just FEEL THE LOVE in every word you write about sweet Emme. She's a doll, and really such a mix of you and Matt. Such a precious little blessing she is!

Andee Layne said...

she is so sweet congrats! Our little girl is 10 weeks as well! xo