Monday, June 4, 2012

Katiedid graduate.

I became Katie Martin MSN, RN over a month ago and I am just now blogging about it!
That's motherhood for you. 
Your biggest accomplishment to date seems so small compared to your kiddo's. 

Perhaps the title of this post should be WE graduated. 
 I did complete 5 semesters, 14 courses, and 780 clinic hours...
But, little Emme was "with me" for 3 semesters of that.
And my AMAZING husband paid for it all to happen and allowed me to work almost never part time. 
Once again, I am blessed beyond belief. 
Graduation Day. 
Happy smiles. 
Being hooded. 
We did it!

So, what's next?!
I've been asked that question hundreds of times. 
I truly wish I could give a straight forward answer. But, I cant. 
This summer I am enjoying being a Mommy, working a few shifts as a RN here and there, and slowly studying for boards. I plan on taking them late this summer and then looking for a part time Family Nurse Practitioner job in the fall. I am in no hurry. And honestly, I am going to be pretty picky about what I commit to. Being a great mother and a loving wife are my priorities now. This time last year I never envisioned being where I am today and I am confident God has the perfect plan for us!

BSN Graduation from UTMB in 2007 and MSN Graduation from UTMB in 2012.
Life is amazing.
Believe in yourself. 

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Francis said...

What an accomplishment. Congrats!