Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Katiedid + Emmedid the Troth-Jarka Wedding.

Bridal party brunch. 
One of our favorite family friends, Rachel, got married to her high school sweetheart (love those!) on May 25th.
Our Mom's have been best friends for years and Holly and Rachel have followed in their footsteps. 
We hosted her bridal party brunch at Glamma's new house on the day of their rehearsal. 
We were honored to host such a special event for the sweetest bride ever. 
It turned out to be a lovely morning and an incredibly touching way to start all the pre-wedding events. 
Pretty girls doing a little prepping. 
Aunt Amanda and Emme. 
A few of the bridesmaids. 
The beautiful bride and her MOH. 
The MOB and her aunt Polly. 
Lovin' on my little one. 
All the bridesmaids and her junior bridesmaid. 
We did the same wedding tradition presentation that was done at my bridal party brunch. 
It is so special, touching, and always a tear jerker. 
Glamma took good care of Em. 
Floor time with my little nugget during the clean up. 
Rehearsal Dinner.
The rehearsal dinner was at a local BBQ place. 
So yummy, so laid back, and so "them!"
 I have one good looking husband. 
 It was also my parents 32nd wedding anniversary! 
They are beyond precious and such an inspiration. 
Our first family dance!
Once again, we kept Miss Emme out late.
She didn't seem to mind. She is such an easy baby! 
Dancing away. 
The wedding. 
The wedding was held at the always beautiful Briscoe Manor
The whole evening was stunning. 
It was such a fun party!
Holly caught the bouquet! 
Wink, wink CJ. Just kidding! No pressure. 
We just like having you around. 

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Jarka!

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